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  1. I paid $10. They gave me a bronzer and put me inside a stand up machine for 5 minutes. I see absolutely no difference in my skin color. Did I get ripped off?
  2. I tanned my chest and it actually helped a lot with my acne. Now I want to do body parts that I can't tan at non-nudist beaches.
  3. Kind of hard to do it outside. The only way it would work is if I wear a speedo, and even then... Should I cover my privates with a sock or something?
  4. I've never gone tanning in my life and have some questions: 1. Is it a bad idea to tan my private areas or should I cover them with something? IF so, what? 2. Do I need to bring tanning lotion? If so, what PDF?
  5. I actually do have the Ketoconazole shampoo. I used it on my head and it accomplished what Head and Shoulders couldn't: got rid of my dandruff! So you want me to use it down there as well?
  6. Alright, right off the top of my head, here's everything I have tried in order to get rid of my body acne: Accutane Bactrim Clyndamicin Doxycycline Tretinoin Benzoyl Peroxide Salicydic Acid It doesn't matter how many creams I put on my body the acne (groin area) does not go away. I'm waiting for the Accutane to wash out of my system and see how laser hair removal down there goes. My guess is that the problem is ingrown hairs. I also wonder if a plastic surgeon could help me? Maybe a liposuct
  7. It's too bad it can't be legally sold, right? Can I take it to the pharmacy for a refund? Or perhaps donate it to a person who has a prescription and needs it? It's just a shame to throw away those pills. They are expensive.
  8. I use both. The BP is about as effective as the last 5 lotions I have tried.
  9. So I have big red lumps in my groin area which a nearly full course of Accutane has not been able to get rid off. Given that I am still on Accutane (100+mg/day) will I suffer negative side effects if I go tanning? I've never tanned in my life, btw, and my goal is to cover the red pimples in my groin area somehow.
  10. In continuation to this thread... http://www.acne.org/messageboard/body-Acne...-v-t296048.html I was wondering if Laser Hair Removal would be a step in the right direction toward cleaning my skin?
  11. Thanks for all the advice fellows While we are discussing this subject, does anyone know if Laser Hair Removal might help with this problem? And does anyone know how much it might cost?