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  1. Some people are allergic to BP.
  2. There is a better treatment out there - it's called taking care of yourself. No? Why do most people eat fast food, are out of shape, get headaches all the time, feel tired, have acne? Because they don't take care of themselves. Taking care of yourself means living a healthy lifestyle - low stress, plenty of sleep, vegetables, no dairy, no gluten...not eating shitty food. Taking care of yourself means learning about ingredients and not using shitty products. Taking care of yourself means l
  3. Here goes: My Acne Saga. Hi, my name is Olena. I first got Acne before I turned 13, and it persisted well into adulthood. I was only able to clear it up about 10 years later. That’s ten years of pimples… Ugh… Acne is the worst. You may be the smartest, most logical, level-headed person out there with the best personality, but when your face looks like a red pus-filled minefield you can’t help but feel inadequate…And I felt inadequate. I hated people looking at me, especially
  4. I totally understand you feeling awful and powerless with your acne. I had acne since I was 13 too (until about 22 - I'm 27 now), and I was tempted to try extremes like Accutane, but the side effects were just too scary. I went about solving my problem with first of all accepting it. I decided to love myself with whatever and at whatever stage I was at. I found a very gentle skincare routine (with BP), and started going to see an aesthetician to professionally extract my pimples. We also sta
  5. If Accutane worked than what is there to grow out of?
  6. Ok, stop using the regimen. If you see no improvement in two whole months (twice a day?) then you should just stop. Please get yourself the most gentle cleanser on the market - BIODERMA SENSIBIO H20 Micelle Solution, and a gentle and effective moisturizer. The moisturizer that will be most effective for your skin is BIODERMA HYDRABIO LIGHT CREAM. Cleanse your face with the Micelle solution using a cotton pad, rinse it off with cold water. Pat your skin with a clean towel, and then apply 2-3
  7. I have a bias against birth control because it really messed with my system and my head (mood swings) when I was on Alesse21, but had constant epic migraines while on Minestrin. Taking BCP isn't the way. Messing with your hormones shouldn't be the answer to clear skin...I don't know about you, but I'd rather take excellent care of myself in terms of nutrition, exercise, and skin care instead of relying on a pill with a bunch of different long and short-term side effects. With love, Olen
  8. Do you take any supplements? Zinc and niacinamide are worth looking into, as well as magnesium. I'd get a gentle cleanser like Bioderma's Sensibio H2O to start. Drink plenty of water too. Have you researched Dan's Regimen here at Acne.org? He has a really great Benzoyl Peroxide product that works great at killing pimples without drying out the skin too much. 2.5% is strong enough - anything beyond that is overkill. If you aren't allergic to honey: Raw Honey masks are also an inexpensive opti
  9. Hi again! Excessive antibiotic use can completely wipe out the bad bacteria in your system (gut) and the good bacteria too. When there's an absence of good bacteria in your gut, your body becomes systemically inflamed, this can either result in acne or worsen existing acne. It's proven that gut problems are more prevalent in acne sufferers. I would get it checked out by a doctor, and then you can take digestive enzymes or probiotics, and eat fermented vegetables (kimchi) if you do indeed hav
  10. Your skin looks quite good, I agree with the previous posters. One thing I can recommend is a Salicylic Acid toner (Paula's Choice 2% BHA Liquid is incredible) just to clarify your skin and it will improve the texture (smooth the skin, improve clarity). Otherwise thank your lucky stars that that's the extent of your skin problems! With love, Olena
  11. I noticed a link between saturated fats and Acne in myself. When I ate a ton (2-3 tbs) of coconut oil, avocado, and ghee (clarified butter) I broke out like never before! I can't eat any coconut oil whatsoever now, and I limit my fat intake to olive oil. Obsessing over diet isn't the best thing, but I think Acne forces us to take stock of what we put into our bodies - and that's a good thing. I learned that gluten makes me lethargic and sleepy - zaps me entirely of energy - though my Acne. N
  12. The pill cleared up my acne, along with a very good skin care routine, chemical peels, clean diet, and regular exercise. However, I decided I didn't want to mess with my hormones anymore and went off of the pill after being on it for 5 years. My skin was not longer perfect, but it wasn't bad either. I get the occasional break-out, and I don't mind so long as I'm not messing with the delicate balance in my system. How do you know that your hormones are crazy? Have you gotten them checked out
  13. Accutane is a really extreme measure to treat acne. Do you do anything else for your skin and your general health? How is your diet?
  14. I think that trying Paula's Choice is a good idea - but her BP won't be as good as the Regimen's, it will also be more expensive. I'd say pick and choose the best products from different brands, to better tailor them to your skin. Three step systems are only great for convenience, but they're more generic and might not suit everybody. My recommendation is a cleanser from Bioderma (Sensibio or Sebium), toner from Paula's Choice (2% BHA - is incredible at clearing up congested skin. Start by us
  15. Your acne doesn't look as bad as you described, which is great! By balanced diet do you mean you eat dairy, gluten and sugar? I'd recommend giving up dairy entirely, and keeping your gluten and sugar to a bare minimum (difficult but worth it). A blood test would be a great idea too...Ask your doctor if your hormones are balanced, and if not, find out which ones are too high or too low. Then you can treat yourself accordingly. There are often natural ways of dealing with hormonal imbalances.