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  1. hang in there. the best part is just around the corner. for me, the beginning of month four (which was really three months of the course done, i get confused by that!) was more of the same - breaking out, wondering if I would be the one person who could not be helped by Accutane. The end of the fourth month (so for you, around this time in Dec.) was when I woke up one day and literally things had changed overnight. Months five and six have been amazing and it has been so incredibly encouraging t
  2. So I have one week left on accutane. i have had two zits in the past month and they were not bad at all. other than that i still have not gotten used to the fact that I don't need to set aside 30 extra minutes in the morning to cover my face. seriously, i still stare in the mirror ready to start the process and then i remember there is really no need for that. it is pretty much the most amazing thing that has happened to me face-wise ever. oh my skin is still dry in spots and my eyes are dry but
  3. So I have about 17 days left of my course. I thought that when I got to this point I would be so, so happy to be nearly done but I don't even really think of it that way. I have had maybe four blemishes in the past month, and none were bad at all. The past two months have been amazing. I seriously still can't believe that I don't feel the need to use concealer the second I get out of the shower so my boyfriend doesn't see my skin it all its glory. I haven't gotten a ton of "your skin looks amazi
  4. Try Cetaphil - i have found it to be the best moisturizer for my skin on Accutane. I really like it!
  5. I have been using Dr. Hauschka face masks the entire five months I've been on accutane - the Rejuvenating Mask, the Soothing Mask, and the Moisturizing Mask. They are all amazing. they are expensive but completely worth it in my opinion. If i had to pick one I'd go with Soothing (I buy them at much lower prices on layovers through Germany). I have used the Rejuvenating forever though - way before accutane - and it is truly outstanding.
  6. Hi, read your log after you posted on mine. Month two is rough - don't worry, it gets (way) better! Never tried the CeraVe but use Cetaphil and have been really happy with it. Are you still using the Clean & Clear cleanser? As insane as it sounds, I would go for something gentler - I started using Aveeno Calming Cleanser the second I started Accutane and it's been great. I agree with you on the Aveeno moisturizer but the cleanser is great. Also in response to your question re blisters - yes
  7. So I am coming up on the end of month 5 - which makes day I don't know what anymore! A lot! I haven't been updating because there really is NOTHING to report. I have not had an active in many weeks. I literally cannot believe how clear my skin is. FINALLY! I have not had such clear skin since I was ten or so. Not kidding. It hasn't been an entirely smooth road, this accutane trip - things were good in month three or so, then got pretty bad again in month four, then pretty much to the day of star
  8. Hey so I have finished month four and started month five...things are pretty good right now. had a bit of a bad spell last month but right now i have no actives. my skin is very dry and peels off in a very lovely, attractive way if i don't moisturize every three minutes but other than that, i can't really complain. i have been around the world (literally) for work in the past few weeks so that may have contributed to the few actives i had last week but now they are gone. i have less than two mon
  9. still pretty frustrated. I seem to be getting more actives in the past week than i have had in the past two months. in really random places, too. like the middle of one cheek I get three. the ones on my temple are healing up and the ones under my jaw are healing, too, but i got one directly in the middle of my forehead and yeah, the three on my cheek. I am not liking this stage. I have my derm appointment tomorrow, too, and she is always kind of shocked that i am not yet completely clear. so thi
  10. DAY 105 (I think...?) so yeah, having a bad spell. I have gotten about five new actives in the past few days. All concentrated on my temples and my jawline. I don't like it at all. I was getting used to having okay skin and now this. pretty discouraged. I have been on accutane for about three and a half months, on 60 mg for almost a month. I don't understand what's going on all of a sudden...does this happen to anyone else?
  11. So I am currently in a city nestled in the Andes for work and let me tell you - altitude makes your skin pretty ---- dry! I know this is obvious to people who live above sea level already but I had not realized just how it would react. It's been fine - tons of moisturizing and actually no new actives (which is good bc I am sleeping like three hours a night and not wishing to wake up extra early to conceal before meetings!) hope everyone else is well! Hauchska moisture mask saves me again!!
  12. DAY 94 - This is officially the start of month four! So I have completed three full months of accutane. I have been on 60 mg for two weeks and have noticed an increase in side effects to be sure - skin is pretty dry, fairly achey, SO SO TIRED. For example: the other night I left my office at about 9:30 - fun, i know! - went to my boyfriend's apartment and while sitting on his couch waiting for dinner to arrive I fell asleep in all my clothes (with my shoes on!) and could not be moved apparently.
  13. DAY 91 - I have been taking 60 mg for about ten days now. Things are going well. I have three small actives but they are hormone-related and for me at this time of the month - that is like a miracle! Even though it would have been 100% physically impossible, last week I was FREAKING OUT that I might be pregnant since I wasn't getting the insane acne I usually get before my period. Seriously, you can convince yourself of anything! I wasn't breaking out at all in the days leading up and I cannot s
  14. I just had a serious OH MY GOD moment. your skin looks AMAZING. please tell me that you know this!!!
  15. DAY 85 - this is my fifth day taking 60mg. I have noticed increased dryness and it has been so incredibly hard to wake up in the mornings. My eyes are also very dry. I had my first active in about a week yesterday and I can't tell if it is hormonal or if it is because of the bump...when do breakouts from increased dose usually start? Would I already have one? I live in fear!