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  1. Hi there everyone, I've been using the Regimen for some months now, and overall it is working well for me. I never had 'real' acne as such, but I'd always have small spots on my face, usually on my chin, cheeks and forehead - they didn't look pretty! Since being on the regimen, I rarely break out (only at 'that time of the month') and my complexion seems better overall. However, I still have some questions running through my mind; and concerns. If anyone could help me in answering them it'd be
  2. Hi there, I'm a 17 year old girl and I've been on the regimen for just over three weeks now. My acne has undoubtedly cleared up very well; there are pretty much only scars left on my face now and I'm getting few to no breakouts, which I am very happy about and it has helped my confidence a lot. However I noticed today that my face has become overly HAIRY?! Which is majorly freaking me out! It's mainly on the sides of m face, but like, there are loads of really light, quite long, to me noticable
  3. Day 9 And I'm already seeing incredible results - thank you so much Dan Kern! My breakouts have dried up really well and no new ones appear to be on the way. I've finally mastered the amount of BP that works for me without overdrying/oranging my skin, but it still keeps the spots at bay. The red marks are really starting to fade now...it's still got a way to go but I've never felt this good about my skin before! It's helped my confidence tremendously! I'll upload progress pictures soon
  4. Hey, thank you so so much for the advice, it has been super-helpful! I am dosing right down now to a pea-sized dollup, and already the irritation is easing off. I'm still using BP night and day, but already the redness is fading/orangeness lightening - still flaking but I think that'll wear off soon. I think this is also due to my skin adapting to the BP, as when applied it only burns temporarily, notfor a good hour straight! And on the huge plus side, I am finally seeing results! The pores on
  5. Update: I just noticed that I've broken out in a couple of places on my chin. Is this the whole 'purging' stage people talk about? What does it mean, exactly? Maybe it's just because I'm at 'that time' of the month...
  6. Hello everyone! So I suppose I should introduce myself first; my name is Rachel and I'm 17 years old. I'm not quite sure when I started getting acne, but I must have been 10/11 when I started seeing a couple of spots here and there? In comparison to a lot of people using the regimen, my skin isn't that bad at all, which makes me incredibly grateful, but I still loathe my skin and it's enough to make me feel very low and sad about myself somedays. I have the sort of acne which has become lots of