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  1. I took accutane a year ago, worked amazing, but I am breaking out again. My doc won't give me accutane, although I'll still ask. I am just wondering what is the next best thing.
  2. Wish you a DELICIOUS Christmas & a DELICIOUS New Year!

    1. With Acne-3/10 Without-6/10(When everything goes right, like my hair and eyes)
    2. 12/13-17 years old I had sever acne. But during the summer when I was in the mid-end of my course and I went to football practice, everyone was shocked at how clear my face was. but yeah, when someone says something about a kid with acne, they usually compare it to me at my worst...Not in a hurtfull way, but just in a comparison way.
    3. Yeah, I refuse to allow my prom pictures to be seen. I'm hoping to get a 2nd chance at prom this year as a senior going with a junior. Who knows.
    4. Sorry to say, but if I were you, I'd disconnect the T.V. and the internet(if possible. Do you get textbooks delivered to use, if so, cut off your internt for a bit). If thats not a solution, get a "net nanny" of some sort that only allows educational sites.
    5. I'm a guy, but just a tip. Don't overdo it with the lipstick and eye liner. Sorry if that doesn't really help, but thats all I know
    6. oh yeah, I remember during one football practice my freshman year, this freshman was making fun of someone's(he happened to be a sophmore) acne(had had it bad too) and 2 seniors grab'd this freshman and stuck him in a locker. We all left and they left him in their for 15 minutes alone with the lights off like they were gonna leave him their all night. When they went and got him the two seniors made him apoligze for what he said. After that I don't remember him talking shit to anyone for the r
    7. You guys must have had some dick headed seniors. I mean, every senior class including mine has been pretty chill and been kinda nice to the freshmen. Excluding the normal stuff like Seniors getting to go to the front of the breakfast line, etc...small stuff. I can't ever remember a senior or upperclassmen being mean/picking on a freshmen. In Middle school, yeah, kids got picked on for acne, but when I hit HS, it stopped because all the older kids were more mature and the freshmen wanted to
    8. It's going to sound like a cop out, but all I like to do is lift. I appreciate your help aubrey.Well, actually thank you everyone.
    9. no pets. My only passion was working out. I know it's hard to believe, but its true.
    10. I try not to lie. If the lie is better than the truth, than I will(IE someones cooking, better to lie and say it was good than get someone pissed off/sad), but I never lie about something major.