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  1. Hey guys, Just had a phenol peel. MAJOR downtime...around 9 days before you can really do anything. WELL worth it, though. Got rid of about 85-90 percent of crater like scaring which is mostly what I had Highly recommened, if done with the right doc. I went to the *moderator edit*!! Thanks
  2. Canada Pharmacy....I have ordered Restalyne from them! No RX needed. Not sure about Retin A - depends on the distributor and if they can get a version not made in USA. Restylane is from Switzerland....so I lucked out. Great pharmacy, worth a shot...def okay to give them CC number they are legit!!
  3. Hi Everyone! A licesned esthetician -- It's been a while since I reported on this board. Accutane, bc pills ( sensitive stomach due to years of anti biotics from derms), many many other things were not able to help me after trying the full dosage a few years back. I have discovered something to help my b/outs at about a 98% success rate. For about 1 year I have been taking Chasteberry extract (I buy mine from swanson vitamins) but you have to take three a day for it to become effective. After
  4. Adrienne, Can you tell me what color you use for Estee Lauder? Thanks!
  5. Zoe, I am an esthetician, this is what you need to try. A very clean bath tub. Add 2 1/2 cups epsom salts to clean warm bathwater Add 3 cups of powdered milk Soak in the bath for twenty minutes once a day every night before your wedding. Stop the tazorac. Get a good glycolic cleanser, I use skintactix. Hope this helps! The epsom salts will gently clean your pores, the lactic acid in the milk will exfoliate and extract. The cleanser will help you heal....less than five weeks you will be imp
  6. Hi Jen, I would look into the silicone microdroplets. I had a lot of things done....this seemed to be the best and it is a permanent filler. I am very happy with it.... it will get you about 80 percent. Or try two sessions of fraxel, then do the droplets :)
  7. Try pantothenic acid 500 mg 2 a day and then after two weeks double it 1000mg twice a day. It works great for me. Swanson is the brand I use it is pretty inexpensive...
  8. Hi guys, I am looking for a better birth control other than pills. I have bad side effects, nausea, upset stomach, etc. I am looking for a natural supplement to help offset these things or a recommendation of another form - other than bc pills or condoms. Thanks
  9. Hi, You can try a good glycolic cleanser, twice a day. The one I use is by skintactix. It has meadowsweet which is an awesome natural exfoliant, check them on the web. I, too, was suicidal but not until accutane, after four months I had to quit taking it because of suicidal thoughts. Be careful if you choose accutane eventually....monitor it with your judgement.
  10. Doesn't sound normal to me. Good choice stopping the medication though, I don't think it's part of the whole get's worse before it get's better process. It seems like only a real Doctor can tell you more info. about that, not a derm. I would get it checked immediately.
  11. Hi Sweetheart. I will call you HSB for short bec I do not like your username....I think it is kind of mean to do to yourself The B5 will not interfere with your regimen...try skintactix...it may help you as it has me about 85 percent clear....check their website. The pantothenic acid will work 100 percent? But definitely at least cut it in half. Um, also take an epsom salt bath in a clean tub...mix three cups of epsoms in warm-hot water and soak for 20-25 minutes. Splash your body and fac
  12. Hi Charyan I have had acne since I was about 20. For me, it sounds like you too it is hereditary....I suggest do what has helped me.....take an epsom salt bath. Take 3 cups of the salts into very warm water....soak for about 20 minutes (make sure your tub is squeaky clean prior to the soak). The epsoms will help dry out and heal your acne. It is known as a deep pore cleanse. Also, try skintactix. I am not adervising...I just used their products and the combo has been an 80-90 percent cle