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  1. don't forget about: im-fabulous(dot)com/Scar-Remover--TCA-Cross-Method Also, I doubt any of them are 100; they seem to be buffered. On that same note, why not just dilute it yourself as per application. Only accessible source of 100% TCA I know of is in bulk/powder form from places like Alibaba or the likes. (Maybe I should get in on this research chemical game)
  2. Brawn tautes TCA as some kinda wonder treatment. Yet, when pressed he never divulges any detailed information about procedure, strength, etc. In my opinion Brawn is just a FANBOY with only useless statements of approval. Brawn is like the people on Amazon who review a product based on whether they received it in a timely fashion or not, instead of really detailing the question at hand. BRAWN your veteran status is a sham and only denotes the time you have spent on this board and does not rep