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  1. hi tracy, i am a big fan of your website and your articles, i used to have severe acne (about 20 pimples at both sides of my face) but now i have 4 pimples from one side and 7 from the other and its only been 1 month!!!!!!!! thank you tracy.I was wandering if you could please tell me what you eat fro breakfast,lunch,dinner, snacks and if is also safe to eat cocnut milk and gluten free oats if you have acne.I am also taking vitamin b-complex,zinc,vitamin c,multivatimin, fish oil, lecithinand calc
  2. hi guys i was wandering what can i eat as a snack to have clear skin.Do not tell me salads and fruits cause that is what i am eating all day!
  3. guys i was following a relly strict diet for acne for 6 months and in these 6 months i was breaking out every day, so my acne from moderate got SEVERE, so what you can say know fro the acne-diet?
  4. could you please tell me what supplements i have to take?
  5. hey dude, do you know any gluten-free flours?
  6. yes dude but i have acne since 10, also what is your favorite anime?
  7. dude i was eating FUCKINH healthy for 4 months my only cheat was 2 slices of whole wheat bread 3 times every damn week and now i am woping that chunkylard will help me with my diet (he helped me) cause i am 16 years old and i have acne since 10 and my parents said that if i will not start clearing up in 1or 2 months i will take antibiotics. Also i need clear skin cause all my body is almost perfect excepto from my skin i have perfect hair (sasuke style, my hair is EXACTLY like this http://www.yo
  8. basicaly could you please tell me your name on facebook, so i can add you and be acne free?
  9. also after how much time should my breakouts stop?
  10. i did not have anything with it, i am an idiot?
  11. also is black rice gluten free cause i just ate 2 bowls of it cause i was REALLY starving and i have heard that it is luten free, is this true?
  12. Also is it true that masturbation can cause acne or aggrave it?
  13. thanks for everything dude , so this is day 3 of following the anti-acne diet.So, how much water you suggest me to drink daily? i know that i am annoying, but i want clear skin so much. thank you for everything.
  14. also is ok to eat whole wheat bread and crackers from 100%wholewheat flour and seeds?Cause i am a bodybuider and i do not know what i can eat , could you please tell me your tupical breakfast, lunch , dinner and snacks for a day. thank you.
  15. CHUNKYLARD my last question is: i am drinking about 22 glasses of water is this too much?