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  1. STT - Unfortunately the TCA did not give me any improvement in scars (depressed scars), it does however help remove any sun damage. I would never do it again simply because it did not produce any lasting results. I guess it may work for those who are concerned with discoloration in the skin from acne, but even my doctor told me that it would not help shallow depressed scarring. Wirebrush dermabrasion is the only thing that has given me noticable improvement in scars.
  2. STT - Glad you went to the Dr. ...(FYI) The Dr. who did my TCA went too deep in a couple of areas, they later crusted over and scabbed. They became very itchy, I used vaseline and cool washcloths to lessen the desire to scratch..anyway, the scabs cracked and I transmitted staph from my hands to my face. Honestly, I thought I was scarred without recourse, but over time the areas healed pretty well. There is some residual pigment problem around the front of my ear, but I hide it with hair. Go
  3. STT - Severe itching can be a sign of infection. I would get to the doctor if I were you, especially if you have any open wounding on your face. The doctor can determine if you need medication to clear it up. If you get a staph or strep infection on your face you could end up with additional scarring. I did get an infection after 30% TCA, so I speak from experience.
  4. I would caution anyone about using retin-A following dermabrasion. I know Dr. Y says you can resume usage after several weeks of recovery because it enhances collagen building. However it also significantly increases risk of harmful sun exposure. I wouldn't consider putting glycolics or retin-A on my skin for at least a year post-op. It is extremely important for post-dermabrasioners to avoid the sun for 3-6 months. I use a clear zinc oxide, sunglasses, and a wide brimmed 50spf hat. Stat
  5. Stat A - I'm just about 4 months post derm as well. I'm grateful that I haven't experienced a change in texture, in fact mine has improved. What did Dr. Y say 2 months ago when you saw him? Did he prescribe anything or recommend some type of regimen? My sister had gotten an orange peelish texture from sun damage. We live in high altitude and she use to run in the sun for hours without sunscreen. I can tell you that her texture was remedied by a doctor who performed a 30% TCA peel w/ Jessne
  6. I have United Healthcare Insurance...they do not cover dermabrasion for acne scarring because it is considered "cosmetic" and unnecessary. They will cover dermabrasion for removal of skin cancer if other methods haven't worked. And yes, it is outpatient.
  7. I didn't have milia either. Keep in mind to bring along shaving foam to clean your face with (Dr. recommends Colgate brand - REGULAR shave foam). The Dr.'s office provides plenty of gauze pads. I'd also recommend bringing a tube of vaseline (white petrolatum) so that you don't have to go to the drug store after the procedure to purchase some. I ate scrambled eggs/bacon/biscuit and juice each day. Like Annabell I just cleaned up a couple of small areas around the mouth. Don't suffer on an a
  8. Kiki, You must be very discouraged at this point. I'm so sorry things didn't turn out better. You and John Sydney were instrumental in getting me to go ahead and get dermabrasion with Dr. Y. ...I'm so glad I did it. I also had mild rolling scars and dermabrasion helped me significantly. I'm 9 weeks post derm...still mildly pink in places...some more than others, but no new scars. I am so pleased with my results that I seldom visit the board anymore. Do you think using Tri-Luma cream or an
  9. SHADE - I'm using a combination of Purpose and Dove still. My skin hasn't been oily at all, in fact sometimes it feels a bit dry. I use the Dove soap when my skin is feeling dry. I'm not using anything else on my face but sunscreen and green concealer. I'll be interested to hear how you like the expensive cleanser recommended to you!
  10. I'm 7 weeks post derm today, and really glad I went through with it! I was nervous about the procedure, but quickly at ease after meeting Dr. Y and Cassandra. I had no pain during dermabrasion and have not found the recovery to be problematic. I had a very rough recovery after a TCA peel, so dermabrasion recovery seems like a breeze. Yes, I'm still a little pink, but using MAC green color corrector and zinc oxide sunscreen to diffuse pinkness a bit. Also I must say that I stay home with my
  11. John Sydney - I'm so happy for you and I hope your 2nd derm will yield excellent results as well! Keep us updated! I also am very pleased with my results. I'm 1 month post derm and have had excellent improvement. Dr. Y told me I'd get significant improvement with 1 dermabrasion; I received better than significant at this point. Dr. Y told me that I may get discouraged around week 3 as some scars seem to re-appear, but that hasn't happened yet. Cassandra said that I may still have some micr
  12. Lizlee - Did you ask Dr. Y about using a mild glycolic? I was under the impression that it was not advisable to use any glycolics/AHA's for a while. You may want to call the office and double check....
  13. Wantperfectskin, I flew in on Monday night, had Tuesday morning dermabrasion with follow ups on Wednesday and Thursday. I left New Orleans on Saturday morning. You will have to wear a mask traveling, and you'll get plenty of stares from frightened people. I'd recommend borrowing a Burka, or at least wear a scarf to reduce comments from perfect strangers. I did rent a car, but used a taxi on the day of the procedure. On follow up visits, Cassandra cleaned my face and changed dressings...af
  14. I had a stronger TCA done with several years ago and regretted doing it. It cost me $600, had long recovery, got infection, and worst of all it did absolutely nothing for depressed scarring. It did help remove sun damage, but that's it. Dermabrasion is the only thing that worked for me. I'm so glad I did it! It was a much easier recovery for me than the TCA, and I've gotten very good results. FYI...the Dr. who did my dermabrasion said that TCA will not do anything for scars. Sorry I don't
  15. I'm 3 weeks post derm today....I have an pinkness all over, and a few redder areas, but Dr. Y told me to expect this. I was instructed to use Aquaphor on the areas that are slower healing (nose bridge & jawline). Your coloring can take 3 to 6 mos. to return. Make sure you are using a really good sunscreen and blend it with MAC's green color corrector. I use this, and don't need makeup to cover. I don't know what climate you live in, but religiously protect yourself from cold/wind/sun for