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  1. Hi Dana, I think that acne is a sign of something wrong too. No my skin is not oily (anymore :) ) I thought it was for 15 years but a beautician pointed out that all the harsh anti-acne products I was using was stripping my skin of its natural oils making it produce extra. Since I have found that out my acne has improved a lot but still get breakouts around that time of the month. I use only products for sensitive skin now and find that really makes a difference. Also I cant wear make up.
  2. I thought for 15 years that I had oily skin - Only found out recently that I have DRY skin and I was using the wrong products (comercial acne products) that were stripping my skin of its natural oils and irritating and causing it to respond by producing extra oil and therefore more acne! I found a product call Medicalia MediSmoothe (Post operative skin care) really helped to calm my skin down and return it to its natural state. They also have a great SPF30+ tinted moisturiser - MediProtect and M
  3. Thanks for the reply. The only thing that I know of from the list is arthritis, which my paternal grandfather had pretty bad. They are all generally a healthy bunch on my mothers side, however a lot of heart disease on my fathers (mainly due to smoking). I have been trying to cut down on processed sugar in my diet, but have not noticed a great differenece yet. I have noticed that cutting out alcohol seems to help. I will give the vitamin D3 a go - thanks :surprised:
  4. Any explanations? Ive always suspected that hormones cause my acne, because it always flares up just before my period is due, when I was pregnant with my daughter it was worse but got better when I was pregnant with my son (had very low pregnancy hormones with my son). What I want to know is can anyone shed some more light on hormones and acne i.e which hormones and what can be done about it? Every doctor I have ever gone to is reluctant to test my hormone levels and just wants to put me on the
  5. Need more options in the voting With my first (Girl) skin was really good - soft and clean in the very first weeks, then got progressively worse through the pregnancy and in the end also had pigmentation, which has never gone away. However second pregnancy (boy) pigmentation flared up in the very first weeks, then acne and pigmentation progressively got better until almost gone by the end of the pregnancy (unfortunately hasn’t lasted). However as a side note my second pregnancy was high risk