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  1. so ive been on accutane for over six months now, and im taking 80mgs as of yesterday. my skin was looking pretty good for a while (at least a couple of weeks) and i was starting to think 'yes this is it'! and here i am again; i have two pimples above my lip one really hurts and is red, where as the other is still white but hurts. other than this my skin looks ok. Buuuut this one spot is sooosoooosooooo noticeable ! it is in the worst spot ever. :'( not to mention im going out tomorrow with a lo
  2. mythai05


    i am so obsessed with my skin i literally think about it every minute of the day. i really hope that i wont have to deal with this the rest of my life it is such torture!!!! still on accutane, month 6, not much changes. but im gonna keep taking it and praaaaaay for the best.
  3. feeling soo depressed because i touched my skin. it was doing completely fine and actually looking better than usual but for some dumb reason i decided to pick at it. Ugh i am so saddddddddddd. so it is month 6 now and im on 70 mg a day until i finish my pack of 10 mg. and then my doctor said to start taking 80mg. i went for my blood test the other day and i got a huge bruise on the spot that she took my blood and it stayed there for about a week and a 1/2. but i guess that probably happens a lo
  4. hey i just want to warn you i got a huge sunburn while on accutane and it really sucked i was in soooo much pain i couldnt sleep and the redness was really embarrassing especially cause i work with lost of people. i would recommend spf 75 or 100. i think neutrogena makes spf 100? anyways i heard it works really well. / i unfortunately cant use sunscreen cause im allergic!
  5. hey i feel the same way when i am broken out! i dont feel like leaving the house or going to school. last year i even skipped a few days cause i was too embarrassed to go out. just try to stay positive is the best advice i can give you. also maybe you should try spot treating the blemishes with a hot cloth to bring out the infection or putting some witch hazel or tea tree on the spots.
  6. hey, i use vaseline at night and during the day (if im at home cause its the strongest) or during the day i will use my burts bees lip chap as well
  7. hey everyone it has been soooooo long since i last posted at least a couple of weeks. and that is because i was away and didnt have any internet. also i didnt have much to post about cause AGAIN THERE IS STILL HARDLY ANY CHANGES. ugh so the first week that i was away my face was totally fine and not bothering me at all. week two i get a spot above my lip (so annoying) and one on my forehead. and both of them hurt! and are red. :'( they are going away now, but i see im getting another spot under
  8. Today i was just looking in the mirror after washing my face and i noticed that the pores on my cheeks look bigger than usual? i dont know ive just never really thought about the size of my pores. they are beginning to bother me, on top of everything else. ugh. anyone know how to decrease the size of your pores. if that is even possible. also, how to get rid of shine on ur face. and my face isnt even oily atm.?? so weird.....
  9. Hey guys, im on accutane month FIVE now. and my skin is not clear it actually looks the same as month 4 except my forehead broke out again. I am so depressed i can't even begin to tell you. at this point i don't see how accutane can help me, im so sad because i thought accutane would be the end of my acne. Im going to stick to it for another 2 months and pray that it starts to help. my doc went on holiday so my appointment is delayed:( question!? Has anyone been on accutane and their skin d
  10. i think you had some good tips! i'm on accutane right now so i can't really try what you've suggested but i think it is good that you are trying to help people who are part of this forum or just guests. don't let the negative comments get you down! and congrats on your skin ps. no offense to anyone
  11. hey! im eighteen and i used to wear a lot of makeup when i was in grade 10/11 after a friend told me i would look way prettier if i wore it. so i did... (dumb move) cause it made my skin break out and i think it is what caused my poor skin.. so anyhow grade 12 i decided to not wear makeup and pray my skin went back to normal. it didnt go totally back to normal but i looked decent enough to go makeup-less. except cover up of course:) today im on accutane to help my skin. its not too bad i get rea
  12. hey i have the same problemm i know this sounds weird but i find things to fiddle with so that i cant touch my face. like, filing my nails, or playing with my hairband on my wrist lol... hahah i find it honestly helps. also, being around people! i wont touch my face around people cause i dont want them to think... what is she doing!?!? havent touched my face in a while! yes gonna keep it uppp. goodluckkkk:)
  13. Okay so i just finished month four! but my skin is still broken out on my forehead/ cheeks a little bit. i have a doctors appointment coming up in a little bit so im excited to see what he has to say. honestly my skin doesnt even look different at all since the last time i saw him. its still in almost the same state. anyhow hopefully he has some helpful advice. or maybe he will even further up my dosage since there really has been no changes!!!! other than the odd break out. However, im tryin
  14. major depression, nothing seems to be going right in my life right now in terms of my skin and other things. ugh honestly can't handle all of this....................................................... probably not going to do another post for a week or so. gonna c if my skin starts to clear up, so its worth writing a post....