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  1. ya skuchaya pa tebye :(

  2. I remember one time I worked somewhere... I had this female co-worker, right? She was beautiful. I mean really...she was some kind of gorgeous. And the manager (a married man) had his eye on her. Indicentally, he was like going on 50 and she was 17... That aside, one day she had a zit which you could tell made her a bit uncomfortable as she avoided eye contact and was untypically shy as she was actually a total extrovert. So at the end of the day the manager came to me and said "Hey have you see
  3. I agree with you, just use a gentle cleanser to remove make up but I would add, for me it works better if after cleasning use a plain wet cotton pad to go over after and remove any trace of make-up. Very lightly no scrubbing...it hadst irritated my skin. I dont use waterproof mascara-- hell you can never get that crap off! lol
  4. lol yeah me too. Most of it is just paid-for hype. I like your sense of humour though )
  5. at least you have your sense of humour . I know Im doing well, one of the voices in my head is a psychiatrist, and he says Im fine.
  6. To be honest I dont think I was ever superfiical...never judged people on appearances. Not to say I never thought about how people looked but it never influenced me as to 'should I be friendly/date this person?" However, when I develpoed acne I think it made me more sensitive to peoples perceptions of themselves. I think one is born sympathetic or not, many people with perfect skin dont mind acne on others but some people with acne themselves dont like it in a girlfriend/boyfriend! I think the
  7. Not too bad at all, I wouldnt worry yourself. I know any amount of acne can be stressful but trust me at this level nobody will notice much but you .Just treat with gentle method. And be careful with antibiotics you cant take them long term. Ive taken them for years am now off them and not breaking out much at all .
  8. Just wondering, anybody on acne.org not have acne yourself, but either looking up info for a friend/family member or maybe just curious? i just am curious myself.
  9. Thank you, Amara. I miss this community. Been keeping busy with nursing, volunteering, and school. Hope all is well for you! <3

  10. aside from the possible internal imbalances(which I wouldnt disregard without looking into) acne on the sides of your face could be from your pillow if you use scented laundry detergent or fabric softner? Also your hair products...conditioner, hair gel, etc...make sure you rinse your hair well and get all the soap/shampoo off your face and body in the shower. Im sorry you probbaly know this but maybe a change of hair product ie without heavy fragrances or silicones would help. ps reducing sug
  11. haha great post...yes why is acne positivelys hunned in the news media while stuff like lip injections and butt implants--come on!--are making headlines. And wrinkle cream...I wont care much about getting wrinkles when Im say, 55, as long as I had good skin on my youth (which most of us didnt on this site) btw I am with all you Beiberphobes...and I really hope he is the Baby's daddy and he has to pay for it. lol
  12. send me a bit of sunshine will you? :-)

    1. captainsunshine


      I suppose I can spare a little lol

    2. AmaraG


      Thanks. and , it suits you.

    3. captainsunshine


      lol thanks, look like my dad though. Shaving it off the end of November.

  13. I think, almost everybody on here changes depending on their acne...there are degrees, some handle it better than other--of course some people have much more serious than others--but anyone who says it doesnt or never affects their self-image is either self-deluded, or Mother Theresa. I know when I break out I cry and want to hide away, and I feel like I dont want anyone looking at me especially people I care about. I know my mother and my husband and close friends dont care and they probably
  14. learn the Spanish word for "Ignorant douchebag" and next time you see the guy, use it....
  15. Oh god. I used to love those. They make me suffer now though. Seriously I remember when I was 12 I ate like an entire bag of peanut butter cups. Peanut butter is my kryptonite. ditto...they are my fave candy. when Im feelong very evil, I get a Dairy Queen blizzard(kind of frozen milkshake with candy pieces) Im not supposed to be eating sugary stuff(which I dont most of the time) but hell, sometimes you just have to be a little decadent. I think Mae West said that.