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  1. Hey. Been on Accutane 6 month. Started at 20 mg and then after 1st month went to 40mg per day. Went to derm yesterday she asked if i'd had any spots lately. I said not in a while, she put light thing on my face, and then discharged me without taken any blood samples/any further info. Is it fine to go from 40mg a day for 5 month to nothing? or should I have gradually came off it.?!
  2. I made a mistake of using my nickname for lots of other forums on acne.org, so now when friends search my name to google they see this blog too, ive just changed my name, how long will it take to stop it from showing up in google with my previous name
  3. once a week, i dont grow hair fast enoguh to daily lol
  4. its possible mate, i got from that stage on my chin to clear in 2 month, but now its just as bad.
  5. erthromycin isnt gunna work wonders mate, tried it, its shit. isotrex is half decent. best bet is accutane.
  6. ur lucky man. no need for tane at all, i know u aint used to spots, but think of the worst ur face could possibly look, then open ur eyes, and look at urself, u shud be grateful!!!!