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  1. Does anyone know how to fix icepick scarring? I used Retin A to help with my acne, my acne is pretty much cleared, but I have minor icepick scarring. Minor meaning, they are not deep. It looks like I have little pores all over my face. How am I supposed to get rid of this?
  2. Hey this is my regimen now morning wash with Olay sensitive skin wash Then apply Benzaclin (it is refrigerated) Night: Wash with Olay Sensitive skin wash Wait 15 to 20 minutes and apply Retin-A Pills: 2 Doxycycline pills Tri-Sprintec My skin is much better
  3. Yop , Yop ^^ Let's just say I'm not a fan of my skin.. Right now i have like this cluster of big breakouts on my left cheek, and on my right, I have a new one that hurts.. and well other small ones. My Dad prayed , so I'm going to leave my skin in Jesus' hands.. I will pray about to tomorrow too, which is my dermatologist appointment. I'm not a huge fan of ( well I am a fan of it sometimes) huddling into the house, and not letting anyone see me . ha ha. I love doing stuff. So tomorrow I m
  4. YO Yo Update time Sooo.. I don't know. I think I already mentioned I am no longer taking spiro.. still on ampicillin .. and birth control. EWW, my skin was nastyyyy. My Dad actually called the actual derm, instead of my family doctor. So I have an appointment there Friday. At the moment.. I have like 5 big zits on the right side of my face. They are more like going away.. but they are there. and my other side is okay, just like one big zit thing. It was like a million, itching, pustu
  5. Well that's the confusing thing, at first it cleared me up, but now I'm breaking out again and it is almost my 4th month on it.. still breaking out. I here it can take up to 6th months to see results.. so I don't know. ha ha. Thanks for moving the log
  6. KcNicole

    Cleared skin :) Clear skin is only temporary -- I threw up a couple times ( Not a big deal to me) -- My doctor prescribed me this, and I started with one pill a day. Within the first week I had clear skin, but it all came back. So over a month after starting it, I upped my dosage to two pills a day. My skin drastically improved within a month and, by the next month I was clear ( except for the occasional cyst thing that didn't take long to go away) My s
  7. Update time! So I'm going to stop taking my spiro.. only because I HATE freaking out about how much HEALTHY food I eat. I mean seriously.. You should watch what you eat if it's garbage food, but now watching what healthy food I eat? no no no... I don't know much about what I was reading earlier but some people said they gained weight on this pill because when your testosterone is low it makes you gain weight, and because of the blood pressure or something.. so I don't want to gain weight. So
  8. Okay! So I'm on Spiro 25 mg daily Ampicillin 500 mg in the morning.. and .. at night Tri Sprintec Birth Control Ampicillin 500 mg.. SERIOUSLY THOUGH, I am freaking out about my potassium levels. I can't get them checked, but I eat very healthy! Fruits, vegetables, grains.. Turkey burgers.. all of that stuff. I do have healthy kidneys, but how am I supposed to know if I'm having to much ???
  9. ANOTHER UPDATE I am staying on the spiro.. but adding an antibiotic to help with the initial breakout, I may end up needing to up my dosage,but I hope not we shall seeee
  10. So! It will be a week tomorrow.. so I thought I would let you guys in on everything At first it looked like my skin was doing better, but now it is covered in white heads.Well not covered.. but I'm not a fan of it. Like when one would go away.. another would come up. Blah blah blah. No new ones at the moment though.. but a lot of bumps. But my skin isn't looking so pretty. So I'm not sure what I'm doing.. I may be going off of the spiro, and going back on an antibiotic. .. We shall see
  11. Hey guys! I am 112 lbs, and 5'4.. I began breaking out in 5th grade... 5th grade! With just the occasional pimple.. though in time it became pretty severe stuff. Years later... I went to the derm almost a year ago, and she prescribed me minocycline, and told me to use a gentle face wash, and she gave me a 10 % benzoyl peroxide wash.. great! After around 3 months, my skin cleared up marvelously, but it didn't last. My acne slowly began to return probably around 6 months. So I went back to the d