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  1. My skin is still looking pretty good, I've even lowered my doses of my antibiotic and I'm not breaking out any more than I had before. I'm still using all natural topicals, and some things I'd like to recommend are activated charcoal, and epsom salt. Just something to look up and see if it's for you =P Also I've been really good about wearing my sun screen everyday because i'm trying to get all the red marks to fade and I don't want the sun to effect the color of the red marks and such and it's
  2. I havn't updated in a couple of days because i've been experimenting with the tea tree oil and witch hazel. I stopped using the toner i was making and am just using tea tree oil (applied with a cotton ball) everytime after i wash my face, and then i use a moisturizer. At first it was making my skin peel and was really really dry, but once the dryness was gone it's been really great. The tea tree oil kinda burns at first, and it used to smell to me but now i don't even notice it, but if you'
  3. Something is making my skin red and dry and idk what it is :/ I shouldn't have tried so many new things as once. I have a feeling its the tea tree oil though, and my skin just isn't used to it yet. Soo i'm going to make a new routine for myself and write it here to make sure I follow it. Morning: wash face w/ purpose, then moisturize w/ aveeno sun block. take 1 amoxicillin pill, if going out put on makeup. Afternoon: wash off makeup, take another amoxicillin pill, put on a
  4. I used retin a for a while and if you read inside the box it says that it will make you break out for the first 8 weeks and then its supposed to make you skin awesome after that. i gave up on it too because it was just causing alot of cysts and i was like for get it... but anyways since you said you're gna stop i'm just warning you if you really wanna keep using it then don't quit, because if you quit your skin will just have to start over and get used to it again. And aw my gawd i use apple
  5. i've always wanted to go to a sauna b/c it seemed like it would sweat all the toxins out of my body but i guess not?
  6. First off I'd like to totally recommend the Aveeno face sunblock. It's spf 70 and have vitamins a,c and e in it. Cons-- runny if you've just washed your face and have water on it still. expensive (but I'm a shoplifter so..... lol) Ok so i went out and bought the aveeno sunblock face lotion, a zinc oxide sunblock thats more water resistant so i have when i go swimming this summer (it's really cheap and i like it more than the aveeno but it's only spf 55 and doesn't have vitami
  7. iDreamOfYou

    It's cleared my acne very well no side effects for me skin isn't 100% clear I've been on this for about three months and I'm really glad I started taking this because it was my step right before taking accutane :) I don't take with food but after reading other reviews i guess i should...but I've had absolutely no side effects from it.
  8. Sooooooo since I've slowly been leaning twards the natural remedies to clear my skin I decided to try the alvacado mask since it...idk... is natural and stuff. Anyways it wasn't horrible but idk if it's the right thing for me. It seemed like it got rid of ALL the blackheads on my nose and chin and made me feel really clean and tightened my skin, but it was really itchy, and now my skin is pretty red but we'll see how it looks in the morning. Also, I don't want to rely on something that I
  9. Last night right before I went to bed I put on one of those free samples of Aczone. I used it all over my face and I've concluded that I'm not going to experiment with it again. My forehead is completely clear but after the aczone i had a few small break outs so I'm definitly not going to try it again The rest of my face is still clearing up, i had a tiny pimple below my lip but I can easily cover it with makeup. In three hours I'm going to the movies, and i'm sure i'll be eating popc
  10. My skin is looking really great as of now. The cyst on my chin never got inflamed, still a few break outs on my cheeks. Mowed the lawn today and made sure to wear a non comedogentic sunblock. Still using honey mask atleast one a day, I'm 100% sure it's working for me. I stopped using applecidar vinegar on my chest and I can tell it was definitly working, so i'm going to start using it again to prevent breakouts. on a side note i've been using crest's vivid whitening strips and my
  11. Just cleaned and moisturized and my skin looks pretty good but: 1 big cyst comming up on my chin, and several under my chin, above my neck several tiny bumps on my cheeks red mark inbetween my eyebrow fading well, and red marks on ym jaw line too. I don't really know what to do about the cysts, the only thing i really do to help is take the amoxicillin, but nothing topically to stop them from getting bigger. any suggestions?
  12. Salycilic Acid/Aspirin Masks:makes me super red, hate it. Benzoyl Peroxide (BP) horribly allergic Baking Soda: never tried Apple Cider Vinegar: i use it on my chest, it works for me really well actually Honey: i use it on my face twice a day, its not organic or anything, i really like it, it makes me face feel super clean and heals my skin faster. Egg Masks: never tried but ew. Tea Tree Oil: never tried, but i am going to start after reading good reviews soon. With Hazel: never tried, but i wan
  13. iDreamOfYou

    Day 35

    good luck on the accutane :)Are you suffering for any depression because I have a feeling that I'm going to be put on this pill soon.I've been on like 20 antibiotics and they all lose effect within a month after I use them. So anyways I was asking because we're about the same age, so thanks
  14. Amoxicillin: I can't tell If I take 250 mg a day or 750, because it says "250 mg cap sand" but i take three a day lol. ----This isn't usually used for acne, there isn't even a review for it on acne.org, but I works very well for me. This was the step right before he step to Accutane( also i take prozac for depression so if i were put on accutane i'd probably kill myself), and I'm so happy it worked. Other antibiotics I've used that work are bactrim, and cephilixin, so if those have wo
  15. Hi this is my first blog entry, I'm going to try really hard to stick with this to see if I'm improving, and updating it as much as I can. I've just turned 16, I'm a boy, and I've had acne since I was 10. I've been trying so hard since forever to help my skin, and in the last month I've joined acne.org to read and post about reviews on products. Uhm... the next entry will be about the products I use and how often and such, so anyways thanks if you read this, and if you know any cool blo