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  1. If this is what I think it is, I have had these small white bumps for 10+ years now, until I had a skin pen/dermapen procedure done. It got rid of about 90% of them. It’s the only thing that has been successful. If you have a lot of them, I would give it a try. My skin is seriously smooth now. Good luck.
  2. I took two courses of Accutane as well, and it was very hard on me. I also developed small bumps all over my arms. At first I didn’t understand what it was. I eventually found out it was a hypersensitivity to the sunlight induced by Accutane. I would break out in this rash of small bumps on my arms, hands and knees. It was miserable. Not to mention it made my acne so much worse, and my skin extremely dry. I stopped mine a few months in. Once off of it, the sun sensitivity decreased but it remain
  3. When I was on Accutane I developed the same thing. For me it was a combination of dry skin and sensitivity to sunlight that was induced by the Accutane.
  4. I have been on Accutane twice. It did not help. My acne was the worst it ever was while I was on it. The worst side effect was that it gave me permanent sun sensitivity. I am now essentially allergic to sunlight - exposed areas break out in a rash, and it has been over two years since taken the last dose of Accutane.
  5. Hi, Sorry I haven't been posting in awhile. I was out of the country. I stopped Obagi probably 6 weeks into it. It caused really bad breakouts, which ended up scarring my skin. I can't handle my skin becoming more scarred than it is already, and having to go through months of Obagi in order to finally get a good result in the end is not worth it to me at this point. I will be making negative progress with how harsh it is on my skin. I believe Obagi can deliver good results if you can get th
  6. So this is the end of week four. I have not been on Obagi for the last week. I had a Pixel Laser treatment done - Obagi is a prep product for the laser. But I also plan to stay on it longterm to see the results. About 3 days after stopping Obagi, my skin calmed down and the majority of the breakouts went away. Anyway, I can give you some info on the laser. I put numbing cream on 1 hour before the treatment. I highly advise you do this. The procedure was tolerable for the most part, sometimes
  7. Hi again. So this is my third week on Obagi Nuderm. The breakouts are pretty bad. My face is red, irritated, breaking out all over my jawline and cheeks. Its tough to look in the mirror! Still itchy, no burning.My skin gets kind of oily from the sunblock mostly I think. No improvements yet, just more breakouts! I feel like a toad.
  8. Hi everyone. So Im on my second week of Obagi Nuderm. The breakouts have really started now. My skin is red mostly on my cheeks and jawline. Many many breakouts all along my jawline and cheeks. Its very tough - I don't think I've broken out like this since highschool. But the breakuts are different this time. Usually I get cystic acne, blackheads, rarely whiteheads. These breakouts are mostly whiteheads and redness. No cystic. So thats a relief I suppose. My face itches a little bit, doesn't
  9. So I am starting Obagi Nuderm for the first time. A little bit about me: I am 27, have had acne since I was 11. Most of my face is covered in some type of scar; some ice pick, some box, alot of surface scarring. and I still break out, but it has improved alot since I was a teenager. I have done Accutane twice. I will be making posts at the end of every week unless some new development happens before that. So I got the travel kit; it contains the face wash, toner, clear, exfoderm, blender,
  10. Has anyone ever heard or dealt with an allergy to dogs/cats that manifests as acne? The acne could be anything from small bumps to actual acne lesions/cysts. I strongly believe that part of my acne is due to animals. I work with them and have numerous animals at home, and I feel that my facial skin reacts very badly when I come in contact with a dog or cat. I tested the theory and touched some of their fur to my face in a particular area, and as I thought, I broke out in that area. When I am
  11. In my experience pretty much any type of alcohol on the skin is too irritating and drying. But I have sensitive skin to begin with. I think it works for some people and absolutely not for others. I have been using a "cystic acne treatment" by Mario Badescu for the past month that claims to get rid of cystic acne or at least minimize it, but it has not had any positive affect on my skin. I've actually broken out more since then. The main ingredient is Isopropyl Alcohol, second to DI water. I gene