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  1. nice keep us updated. offtopic: are those pictures taken at walmart? XD
  2. hey guys, heres a link on how effective tca crossing is. http://www.jcasonline.com/article.asp?issn=0974-2077;year=2010;volume=3;issue=2;spage=93;epage=96;aulast=Bhardwaj
  3. bro i used to have deep scars like those on my face but now its less viable. i made the scars less shallow by dermarolling. i really recommend dermarolling for about 5 months.then doing some tca cross on the scars. good luck
  4. wait 1-2 month in between. dont make the mistake i did and wait only 2 weeks >.<
  5. you avoid going to public bathrooms, because you want the mirror all to yourself!
  6. gl guys/gals. i wish i would have known sooner when i had acne at the age of 16 to not pick. >.< bak in the days my mom would have alot of time off and tend to pick at all my pimples. now i am left with lots of enlarged pores and scars.
  7. i loved wad you said. "Man, I'd give my left nut for that to happen!" LMAO good job get me to chuckle
  8. yeah i know its totally my fault. i had just jumped from derma stamping to tca crossing. i agree with you though, if i did do my research, watch video and have a steady hand, those problems could have been avoided. i dont know if its a good thing or not but ive only tca crossed 3 times 1 month period time >.<. (applying the tca cross on my scars was very easy) hopefully the damage permanent. I think i am going to wait out 2 months before doing another tca cross.
  9. wow i dug up an old post. anyways i might as well give this product a try to see if it helps with my scars.
  10. Good luck on your 100 days of abstinent? I find that very contradictory, how can you be abstinent, when you stated that "I have sort of a girlfriend, so will it count when we hookup and I end up ejaculating?"? It isn't clear whether you are ejaculating intentionally or unintentionally. That being said, I feel that if it was unintentional, you are still abstinent. You also stated that "I really feel that acne stems from masturbation and poor diet." Hmm, I'm trying to understand your logic, but
  11. yeah ive learn to find happiness from other things. like listening to music, or ordering stuff online. but stuff that gets me down, is when people look at me especially if its a cute girl.
  12. that i can so relate to you. i always go in the bathroom to check on my face. i however dont have the guts you have, to go out everyday and enjoy yourself.
  13. nah just self tca. do it with a professional
  14. yeah i dont know where, but i read online that there was a two week wait time0. now i am stunned that it usually takes 1 month before another tca cross treatment. i think another factor that worsen my scar's condition was the fact that i was out in the sun for many of the days, without sun screen.