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  1. Yes I believe a water fast would work for just about anyone... it just takes a lot of discipline. I'm sure I did lose weight but It's hardly noticeable because I'm already so thin, nothing dramatic. I don't think you should be scared at all, you might lose a bit of weight but I read that it's easier to gain it back after the fast and that way you can build yourself back up with better materials. Also, I highly doubt any of you're skin would become saggy... mine seemed to tighten up nicely. I
  2. As of right now my skin is perfectly clear... only red marks left and a few dark spots but they're fading quickly. I have discovered that for me at least, acne is almost 100% diet related. Not only in what you eat but how much you eat. I have tried almost all restrictive diets.. paleo, vegetarian, raw vegan, gluten free, etc. Each of them worked to a certain degree (raw vegan worked quickest for me) however, I had never achieved perfect clarity until recently, through fasting. Most are skeptical
  3. Okay so... I feel pretty crappy, super tired, super hungry. Also, mild back ache and a zit on my back which is weird because I never get them there. I'm sure i'll have to adapt to this diet though. Nothing new on my face though... that's goood bloodredkimono- yah I do drink lot's of the green stuff! smack'd- yah my mom looked at me weird when I told her i'd be going on a diet (i'm pretty underweight haha) just explain the science behind it and your parents will be cool about it. neverforget-
  4. Yes, I think diet is the number one factor. Was just reading that stress and diet are very inter-related so it's a one two punch if you tackle both.
  5. I can't take this crap anymore... I've decided to do a complete dietary overhaul. I will stick to this %100. It's all the best combo of foods I can think of. Breakfast: -Green smoothie- Spinach, Kale, Carrots, Peaches, Prunes, Spirulina Aloe Vera Juice, Flax seed, and Hemp Protein powder -Apple if I'm still hungry -Kyo-dophilus probiotic supplement -16 oz water with 2 tsp acv Snack: -Apple, Pear, or Grapefruit -A few walnuts/almonds/brazil nuts -Peppermint/green tea Lunch: -Big salad: spinac
  6. hahaa I love how you wrote this!! It's true too, I'm on day three of an alkaline diet and already seeing massive improvements. Spread the Word!
  7. Paracelsus


    yuuuck it pains me to post this....
  8. Okay I'm gonna try to make a table or chart on this...
  9. You might wanna try some all natural hemp protein. It's 43% protein, with 10 amino acids. Also it contains 9 grams of dietary fiber, and 4 grams of fat with a 1 to 4 ratio of omega 3 to 6. It's vegan, soy free, dairy free, and gluten free. Whey breaks me out like crazy...this stuff is clean though. Perfect post workout refuel.
  10. whew... went pretty smoothly! She is so awesome! I'm feelin three whoppers on my left side... but she was sitting on my right so that's mostly okay lol...I guess. She wants to hang out more though! yeeeehaaaaa thanks for the encouragement my peoples!
  11. Much easier said than done.... over the past few months I've been training my mind to love myself. It's hard but my days are a bit easier and life's a bit happier because of it Every time a negative thought crawls through my brain... I STOP IT IN IT'S TRACKS and say "you are gorgeous amigo!" Think of all the glorious healthy tissue in the rest of your body!
  12. I think we all know exactly how you feel. Hell I feel that way right now... just ask yourself what YOU want to do. If you want to stay home and chill, do so. If you want to go out for some excitement, go for it. I myself spent way too much effort trying to be "socially normal" and the stress made for some serious breakoutage. Good Luuck! Chin up!
  13. Has anyone else notice they can THINK themselves into breaking out? I know for certain I can... If I'm really thinking about the presence of a zit I can almost feel it growing and becoming more and more inflamed. On the other hand, if I have a nice relaxing day my skin seems to mellow out alot. It's like there's a psychic link between my thoughts and my sebaceous glands lol. Something kinda interesting... my sister is a total hippy (flawless tan skin) and she told me perhaps my "manipura" or t
  14. aww thanks guys!! much needed self esteem booster. 3 hours until I go see her... crazy stomach butterflies lol
  15. Joris- good point, something to consider... JonoB- Your Right!! I wish this could happen on a huge scale... maybe dan will take notice if it gains popularity. As far as figuring statistics, it won't be anything official just a summary of any correlations I see.