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  1. asanchez

    Day 43

    Nothing really new to report, I still have had only one breakout in the last 43 days, and THANK YOU for the Vaseline recommendation, OMG works wonders, I hate the dry chappy feeling and the vaseline really tackles that!
  2. asanchez

    My accutane diary !

    Hello!I read your blog! lol well im on Accutane aswell (Day 39) and I have 30mg dosage, I wouldnt say I have severe acne, but its always been a problem, i mostly get them on my cheeks and they are pretty disforming (thats what my general physician said, can you believe! ?!) I am female + 34 years old and desperately wished I had done this when i was in highschool! I actually have nodular acne and its annoying. Anyway i think its great that you are doing this now so you can get it over with! Whil
  3. asanchez

    Day 39

    Day 39 of using Claravis and it's been going good. My skin is still very dry, but tolerable. I wanted to know if we can dye our hair while on the medication?
  4. asanchez

    Accutane (Claravis) Blog!

    Thank you for the Lip recommendation, I would have to say that the dry lip is the worst right now. The doctor did not mention waxing, but he did mention sensitive to the sun, i should have put two and two together where sun=heat=no wax lol I will never wax again!
  5. asanchez

    Accutane (Claravis) Blog!

    My name is Alexandra and I thought I'd share my experience so far with Claravis treatment. Quick background on me and my acne; I'm 34yrs old and have had acne since I was about 13, and i have tried almost everything topical, but never tried anyting oral except for antibiotics when the pimples were hurting. This past year It got worse, they were getting bigger and very painful. My regular doctor recommended I go on Accutane, and so he sent me to a Dermatologist he knew and as soon as the d