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  1. I have struggled with acne my whole life and developed Celiac Diesease when pregnant with my first child. My problems with wheat became worse as the years went on and when I stopped eating gluten my acne cleared up a lot. It took some time but the difference in my skin and overall health/beauty has improved. I also didn't realize how sick I was getting from the wheat and gluten until after I stopped eating it. I still break out once a month but the difference is quite obvious. Allergies can
  2. I took Accutane an it made me very sick. Depression, liver problems and bleeding when I went to the bathroom. I stopped eating gluten and this helped. Ice helps on the swelling and so does washing for me with Weleda baby care and Proactiv. I also find that drinking a lot of water and taking probiotics helps. No drinking or smoking helps but I must have coffee. I have heard that Accutane can cause blindess...