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  1. what is a wet dream? and how long have u went without masterbating??? do u see any improvments in your skin?
  2. ive only had little kids say stuff about my acne bumpy face ugly ect.. never an adult to my face but im pretty sure behind my back. i remeber one time someone said my face looks like the sharrah
  3. u have a couple box cars and a couple of ice pick scars. but u can hardly see them so from afar u would not be able to notice them.
  4. dont do it your scars are minor they will go away in time
  5. yeah i no how u feel i always wondering what would happen to the gunk if i just left it there? and also i think my face will never be clear because i had really bad acne in my teens, but im as clear as im going to get and i just mess my face up more picking at it.
  6. yeah i like your theroy but my shit is such a mess sometimes i feel like it will never heal 100%. sometimes i will go 4 to 5 days no picking... then i might get stressed one day and i start back up. my situation is like i look for the little blackheads not even pimples.. then i create more of a problem.
  7. do u wash your face alot?? bp might just dry u out or other products make u red but i dont see really bad acne at all
  8. mabey light rosacea ask ur derm about it but you face is beautiful
  9. u have too stop degunking your nose it only makes it worse and theyll just get bigger. if u have one like in this pic and u squezze it out you will have an open pore like a hole and this is a close up shot. when u squezze theses out of your nose its like hard after that its just going to be gunk if u keep doing it
  10. yes but it takes time u have to allow your skin to heal.. i just take a shower now no product and someone on this site told me to drink lots of water who really gets there 8 glasses a day i know i dont you need you hydration
  11. if u dont have full blown acne then u shouldnt be using BP at all. i had oily skin before i used it though and a doctor perscribed it to my and my face wasnt even that bad i just had normal couple pimples on my face but everyone made such a big deal about my breakouts i started to make a big deal then i stresed and poor nutrtion smoking didnt help at a young age man i wish i could go back. but man if u dont have full blown acne and u think BP is enlarging your pores why dont u stop??