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  1. StevoMac- I have actually seen major improvements in my red marks!! :)/ They look more pinkish now and they cover more easily w/ makeup. I also have some very shallow rolling scars and they look better too. I have been using apple cider vinegar at 5% acidity but I started diluting it 1:2 because my skin is sensitive and i suspect thats what caused me to breakout at the beginning. mynameis- I dont think it thins the skin, the skin cells just get replaced faster. Skin basically replaces it
  2. Hi carousel- I have about the same skin type as you. From what I hear about vinegar it will not make your skin thinner, in fact I read that this was just a myth. It will exfoliate your dead skin, so it will probably make your skin somewhat lighter (and its NOT a bleaching effect, thats what Maya said). As for irritation? Well you have sensitive skin so you might want to dilute it because apple cider vinegar caused minor irritation and breakouts for me and some other people. Decide what ra
  3. Yes, this method works great for brown/red spots. Mine are looking so much better. Whether you want to wash it off or even dilute it at all depends on your skin type and personal preference. I leave mine on all day but mine's pre-diluted. Washing it off will minimize irritation if your skin is very sensitive, or if you just don't want to go out smelling like vinegar.
  4. OK OursFan- back to vinegar. How long should vinegar irritation breakouts continue?? mine didn't even begin right away- i used apple cider vinegar about a week w/ no problems- but lately I've been getting deep red pimples (not alot, but enough to make me nervous)... and i haven't had these in a long time. The vinegar I use says its already diluted to 5%... is it exfoliating and bringing stuff to the surface??? or is my face just over irritated?? and how do you tell the difference?
  5. LOL skimz!!! i personally think its awesome that you turned it down!!! =D> Some people get so desperate they just take the drugs (no offense to anyone who actually took it) and they have no idea what theyre doing to themselves.. my own parents tried to get me to take accutane about 2 years ago when i had REALLY bad acne, they actually said "don't worry about the side effects because you'll have good skin." Well yeah, sure.. but I'll also have liver damage, deformed kids and who knows,
  6. bluerain- how severe are your scars? Because I have mostly superficial scarring (red marks/blotches) scattered all over my face, and my cheeks and forehead have a couple of shallow scars- and i swear the vinegar has helped w/ all of them!! the spots are dark pink instead of red now and i have to look harder to see the indents. But if you have really deep pit scars? maybe you're right about that, i dont know, but the girl Maya described in the first few posts sounded like she had pretty bad
  7. The apple cider vinegar that I use says its already diluted to 5% acidity, and it barely stings my face for maybe 30 sec even though i have ultra-sensitive skin. is it still irritating my face, even though my face doesnt FEEL irritated? and do i still need to dilute it? hmm... i am still hoping its just the exfoliation process... [-o< rive- i've never used polysporin so i have no idea.. but its probably pretty close. where's Maya been lately??? hehe we need help!!!
  8. Rive- put some neosporin on it, this will keep it from leaving a red mark/scar. Or try dabbing some 100% aloe vera gel on it, should dry it out and help it heal faster.
  9. I didn't have hardly any breakouts once I started this, although my acne itself was already mild to begin with (its severe discolorations/shallow scarring i have a problem with). But just lately there seem to be more clogged pores and I've been getting a small breakout on my forehead, a place where i haven't had any acne problems for months. I don't think my face is really irritated, I'm using pre-diluted cider vinegar and it only stings for a couple of seconds after i put it on.. it could jus
  10. danm- i didnt see any results after the first few days either, but its been a little over 2 weeks since i started this and now i have seen some improvements. i think you just have to give it time. keep doin it and you should see something eventually.
  11. Maya- hi, you said that drinking too much lemon sends your body into detox.. I was just wondering.. isn't detox a good thing, if your body is getting rid of all the toxins or something???
  12. skimz, now that i think about it I seemed to have noticed my skin getting lighter too! I didnt really think about it because I was just looking at the red marks and scars and not really noticing the clearer parts- so i assumed it was helping my pigmentation probs which i think it is- but ur right it could also just be that its exfoliating or getting rid of the redness or something. I never tried malt vinegar though just apple cider. do all vinegars have bleaching properties?? i hope not..
  13. toenail- just curious- how exactly do you use the vinegar in your hair? I have never tried that. do you apply it after washing or before, how much and how many times a day? thanks
  14. Hi maya and everyone- i'm new here and i have been reading this thread since it was started. I've been using the vinegar and lemon water for about a week and have started to see improvements in my discolorations and shallow indent scars- thanks maya for introducing this. I have a question. I also use jojoba oil which i apply 15 mins after the apple cider vinegar. Does using the jojoba right after the vinegar hinder the vinegar's exfoliation- if so should i stop using it?
  15. I've been taking B5 but I'm thinking about ordering a natural acne treatment system called Derma Cleanse.. I'm always really suspicious of success stories, promises of results, etc. because I had no luck w/ proactiv or murad or any other acne treatment system. it's pretty expensive.. so I just wanted to ask if anyone had ever heard of or used derma cleanse, and what they thought. any info would be helpful!!