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  1. Glad to be helpful! If you ask for Atralin, ask about Prascion/Klaron too. I think they were a really key part of things for me and helped control the IB. Today, my skin is doing great. I'm truly clear! Best of luck to you.
  2. ssasss: your skin is going to be wonky for awhile. But this stuff works! Hang in there. Try not to think about it too much, if you can. unlovely2011: soooo glad to hear you are also having great results!! Isn't Atralin wonderful? Anyway, here's an update at about 7.5 months, roughly. Active acne: Very, very, very little. Hardly any, in fact. Around that time of the month, I do get a couple teensy weensy ones on my chin, but they're more like clogged pores, and they resolve themselves
  3. Hey CsaCsa- I think its great to compare progress! The more information we can have on this thread about how Atralin is working for different people, the higher chance of it being helpful to others. I still kept improving after 12 weeks. I would say I saw full improvement at the four month or so mark? I still get little pimples here and there. But they are so much tinier than what I was getting. One thing I've noticed, if I skip or run out of my Prascion, I start getting more little pimples. I t
  4. My face turned red well into the second month with Atralin. It'll go away, just make sure you're not using too much.
  5. Please give it a little longer than 2 months! I saw no results until week 10 and didn't see full results for about four months. But my results have been great now!
  6. The 5 Month Mark (roughly) Sooo I've been on Atralin for 5 months now and I am SO HAPPY that I did it. In the two weeks or so, even with my period coming to town and an extremely stressful situation involving a bad car accident, and not eating very well, I only got one single pimple! And it was so small I don't even know if it really counts compared to what I was getting before. I have red marks but I do think they are fading. I also have discontinued the Klaron at this time. My regimen is as f
  7. I feel the same way sometimes. But then again, I've also had some of the sweetest and most understanding sales associates when I've gone to Sephora or the makeup counter when my acne was really bad. Often times they'll sympathize and tell you that they use Retin-A, Accutane etc themselves. Acne is a common issue and people who deal in makeup and skincare are very familiar with it.
  8. If its working for you stick with it! Check out this New York Times article on tretinoin (very similar, a retinoid) and how the woman who has been using it for a long time says she looks so much younger than her friends. I think the key is that it does make you more susceptible to sun damage, so you MUST wear minimum SPF 40 every single day, even if you're barely going outside. http://www.nytimes.com/2006/11/30/fashion/30skin.html?pagewanted=all
  9. Hi! I've finally gotten my acne under control using Atralin (yay!) But my red marks don't really seem to be fading all too much. I was wondering if those who have had some success treating red marks could respond to this poll with what worked best for them? I'd ideally really like to try something natural like lemon juice or ACV and I'm trying to figure out which is the most effective. But I'm also interested in hearing what other treatments worked well for people. Thanks!
  10. Thanks sunflower78! I'm glad the log has been helpful to others... that was the point You should make a log of your own though, so that there can be more logs out there for people considering Atralin, and so that you can track your progress! Every now and then I'll get a pimple or two and freak out like "OMG is my medicine not working anymore?" Then I can look back on the log and realize how much better its really gotten, keeps me sane I feel you. I know what its like to hide from the publ
  11. Yes! I broke out through week 10... actually even a little bit past week 12, but after week 10 I only broke out a little bit, like 2-3 small to medium size pimples a week. Up until week 10 I was really wondering if this stuff was actually going to work, though! You can check out my log if you want some visuals Best of luck to you! Our regimen is pretty similar... sulfur wash + antibiotic + retinoid. Its worked miracles for me, now I'm just trying to deal with my red marks without messing up my
  12. Day 111 (about 16 weeks in) Went to Disneyland this week and DESPITE wearing SPF 40 AND walking around with an umbrella all day got sunburned. Which has since turned into a tan, which is making my red marks look nice (for now until it fades, but then they'll be worse... but I suppose I ought to enjoy the nice even skin tone while it lasts since the damage is done). Its also made my skin incredibly dry and flaky I never had flakes like this even when I first started the Atralin! I tried exfoli
  13. A word of wisdom from a girl who's a bit older than you: boys like (and approach) girls who are smiling and happy. So if you're walking around feeling insecure and not smiling because of your acne, yes, it will make a difference. But if you pretend like you don't have acne even if you do and keep a smile on your face, you'll be approachable and notice that suddenly you're a boy magnet.
  14. Day 106 (15 weeks in) Sooo... I broke out a little over the past two days. Mostly around my chin. Boo I think the main reason is that my mom has been in town visiting so I've been off my healthy diet. I should probably note that around the same time the Atralin started kicking in, I started getting serious about eating healthy. My mom has a major sweet tooth. So do I, but I'm good about not buying sweets and carbs, but she isn't, and its hard for me to say no if they're around. Plus, the proce
  15. Still doing about the same. A couple tinnny clogged pores on my chin but they're not inflamed or anything. Of course, I stupidly decided to try to pick at one of them. DOH! I came here to say: DO NOT PICK ON RETINOIDS. A big chunk of my skin flaked off and I've had this big huge scab on my chin all week now. Boo! Oh well lesson learned. Since its really shallow I don't think it'll scar or anything. Flyer17 - Yes. On the nights I didn't use Atralin, I used Klaron like in the morning, but I didn'