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  1. Oh, I should also add that sunscreen is very important too!
  2. As often as you can, but not all the time, seriously - I carried a gallon jug of water around everywhere I went. I really believe that it's the reason I avoided the intolerable side effects. It makes a HUGE difference. The few days that I didn't stay totally hydrated were definitely 100x worse than when I did.
  3. Just a TON of moisturizer, lip balm, sunscreen, and water! I also ate a lot of fatty foods with my accurate because the drug is fat soluble, so when I couldn't take it with a fatty meal, I took it with milk. I broke out initially for a few weeks, but then cleared up dramatically. I started noticing serious improvements probably 6 weeks into my course. Thanks you so much!!! :] Side effects were minor. Thank you thank you thank you! Thanks!! In the before pic, that's about as bad as
  4. Just got back on here to reply to someone and wanted to drop by and say congrats that your skin is still looking great! I just posted an update too:
  5. I just wanted to give a quick update as I pass the 18-months post-Accutane mark! My skin is still VERY clear - I probably get about one very small pimple every month or 2, and it goes away COMPLETELY within 2 days. Again, it's very small - usually doesn't even develop to the stage of being a whitehead, and it's gone before I even really notice it. Here is a before and after pic: ALSO, I wanted to address some of the side effects that other users had/have been experiencing. I basica
  6. Just figured I'd leave an update. It has been over 3 months and my skin is better than ever. Extremely smooth and clear.
  7. Thanks! I just edited the post and added a before pic. Check it out!