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  1. Well hello all. Some of you may remember me, but odds are that you do not. This is my first post here in some months. I am writing this to "vent," and I suppose I am in the right place. I've had acne for a good 6 years now, and my skin has constantly fluctuated between severe and very severe. I have had cysts so big that I thought they would never go away. I've experienced all the emotional blows that acne can deal. I'm amazed I'm still sane, honestly. Within the recent year or so, I suppose,
  2. I would advise you to take it with food. I am currently on doxycycline, and every so often I take it in the morning and forget to have a breakfast beforehand. It gives me the most revolting nausea of all time, which commonly results in vomiting (which is not a commonly desired pasttime). Also man, you gotta make sure to drink a shitload of water after you swallow one of those things. I used to just swallow it with spit, and it would irritate my esophagus to all hell. It's like having heartburn
  3. Thank you. I try. No use in calling me a moron, btw. It was intended to be a "joke" that plays upon the "stereotypical chauvnistic male." Christ, come on. I have many female platonic "friends," some of which I have no urge to "fuck." Now let's not ruin the man's thread any further, k? K.
  4. Men don't have platonic "friends." We have women we haven't fucked yet.
  5. So be it. Whatever. To Ann: That was a bit harsh to call you "tits". I just want to make it known that I am not a sexist and I have the utmost respect for women. I don't want to start any conflict with you nor Brandon. I kind of made that post without thinking about it. I do that sometimes, it's my personality. But I still retain my message: I don't need grandmother advice.
  6. Word up. I've found that Retin-A and Proactiv are, bar-none, the two worst acne treatments on the market, especially for people with dry skin. Why did you switch to Proactiv if Retin-A was working for you? Too oily is better than broken out and irritated. Your logic eludes me. And yeah, imagine is right, you need a good old fashioned moisturizing bar. I personally use Neutrogena Dry Skin Formula, but I'm sure the Dove deal works as well.
  7. Oy Brandon, you sure do get worked up. Seriously man, you are one angry fucker. I wasn't trying to be sexist or disrespectful in any way. If someone sad something like that you YOU, I'm sure you'd get all fired up and write a whole essay debunking the commentee. So chill out. I don't want any more conflict with you, so if you're going to reply to this in an aggressive way, save it. I'd rather we just ignored each other's posts.
  8. Not long at all. I actually found your story to be very eloquently worded. Trust me, I know exactly how you feel. I had a period where my skin completely cleared up, and about a year later, it was back with a vengeance. And I have nodulocystic acne, which is particularly unsightly and mentally debilitating. But you sound like you know your basic shit already, and to be honest, it sounds like you don't really need any encouragement. Of course your friends didn't care that you had acne! None of
  9. Well yeah, maybe you're right. But it depends on the person. If it was just some random jackass or some guy I had a petty grudge against, no way. But if it was, say, a child molestor or a rapist, then I would.
  10. Yeah, I'm back, I know you all missed me so bad. Anyway, I just wanted to kind of strike that last post from the record. And not because I give half a shit about what Brandon thinks, but because I reread it a few days ago and I now realize that it was riddled with ignorance and insensitivity, which are two things I avoid like the plague. I just wanted to say that I like nearly everyone here, and that this messageboard (particularly the "emo" section) is a great resource for everyone who was been
  11. I wouldn't. Acne is something I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy.
  12. Yeah man, I feel you. My fucking grandmother always tells me when she sees me, "just make sure to keep it clean." Well, duh. I feel compelled to make a pointed retort, but I keep myself in check because she's a sweet 89-year-old lady. The most irritating thing about such a comment is that it implies laziness and self-apathy on your part. It's almost like an insult. Like telling someone that they're so stupid and lazy that they can't even wash their own goddamn face. Christ.
  13. I just wanted to share about the product that I have found to be the most effective out of the vast spectrum of acne medications I have tried. It's called Azelex, and it's a topical medication. Yeah, I know, that topical shit almost never works. Before my derm prescribed me this stuff, I tried Retin-A (stay far, far away), various topical antibiotics, Proactiv (stay further away), BP gel (not a chance) and basically every other prescription on the face of the planet. I had very low expectations
  14. I absolutely cannot shave myself clean, because my jawline is one of the worst areas on my face. That's why I grew a beard. It hides it, and I don't have to shave. I use a beard trimmer to keep it in line, and even then I have to make sure it never touches the skin.