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  1. Could be a few reasons. Do you shave really close to your face? If you do, stop because it could be irritating your skin. Leave some hair on your face. Do you drink a lot of water? Drink more if you can. Do you exercise? Do what's needed if you're sweating a lot. Try to think positive. When you're sitting there thinking about it every single day it's almost as if it knows you are and it is affected by your constant worrying. Don't think about it. Try what I said unless you know it wo
  2. I wasn't going there for a dermatologist, I was going there for a evaluation and to meet a new doctor at this medical building, and honestly wasn't sure what I was going to be doing, so I was stressing out. Thanks, yea I talked to him and we discussed it, and the good thing was I was comfortable when he asked to see it and wrote up a referral to a Derm.. I know acne is common, but for me, I get rid of my acne of my face a year ago, and then after I came back from a certain place, I got acne o
  3. I have bacne but it's not extremely horrible; but still enough to make me self conscious. I hate going to the doctors and tomorrow I have to visit. Sometimes, depending on the situation, they make you wear those gowns, what do you guys do to make yourself more comfortable with it, do you tell him/her in the beginning that you're uncomfortable because of it? Or do you just try to hide it and when it you have to put it on and do whatever, just feel shame and embarrassment? I know doctors understan
  4. Thanks for that. But I'm not going to shave completely anymore, just to not take the chance. But if I do have to, I'll definitely take your word into consideration.
  5. I actually do know it is. It has to be. When I don't shave, my acne is gone, vamoosh. It's history. But when I shave, I start getting small red bumps and it seems to get more irritated until after a certain time frame, it goes when I don't shave. Of course by not shaving, I mean not using the part that shaves it ALL the way to the skin, or by keeping a huge long beard. I mean by keeping a little hair by cutting it with certain accessories on the shaver. But i've tried proactive, which worked
  6. switch them up how? Like shave only certain areas that don't get irritated by it? If so, yea I've been thinking about it, but my facial hair is kinda blonde, and not sure it will go well with me lol but if you didn't mean that, what did you mean?
  7. In my mid teens years i started developing acne on my face. After i joined the military, i noticed i started receiving it on my back and chest. Some things i noticed was that when i shave, my acne appears and gets kinda bad. When i dont shave and just maybe clean up my facial hair with some cutters or scissors, my acne clears up, A LOT, and i think drinking water helps too. I would say to the point of it being gone on my face. But, of course the military job i had to always shave, so it would n