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  1. you have the prettiest avatar!

    1. Dawn, it took me about two months to go through the 0.5 fl oz bottle of C serum, and I use a lot of it. Update: Switching to a different moisturizer was a mistake. I quit using it after the third day because it quickly started clogging my pores. I should've listened to my own advice and "stuck with what works." So I'm back to my old moisturizer, and everything else is the same. I still havent started taking Vitamin D but am taking 1500 mg of C. I am really excited because now I see a noticeab
    2. I've completely phased out the BenzaClin from my routine. I'm on my second bottle of C serum and use it every morning. I've switched my moisturizer with Eucerin Q10 anti-wrinkle sensitive skin moisturizer with SPF 15. I researched this before I decided to give it a try. I wanted to switch because I wanted some additional help with wrinkle prevention and scars. I've use it for three days so far, and its fine. I've also increased my dosage of vitamin C to 1500 mg daily and added vitamin D, althoug
    3. I use Pure Deming's Pure C serum and like it a lot. I like their products because they're organic and filler-free. Vitamin C serum or cream definitely helps because it stimulates collagen production, as well as a retinoid like Retin-A. Taking vitamin C orally should help too (1000 mg). I'm not sure if taking vitamin E will help with scars, I doubt it.
    4. Update on scar regimen: I've reduced my use of BenzaClin to once a week, and have been using Vitamin C serum almost everyday in the mornings, with no breakouts. It has been about two months since I started the C serum. I definitely see improvement, especially on my right cheek. Its strange because my right cheek, which I considered my "bad" cheek is healing faster than the left for some reason, and now the left cheek is my "bad" cheek. However, the scars on my left cheek are different types of
    5. Are you sure the lac hydrin 5 doesn't interfere with the finacea in some way? According to a finacea website, you are not supposed to use other topicals on the same area after applying finacea, unless directed by your doctor. I use my fingertips to rub off dead skin as I'm washing my face, and that eliminates the need for an AHA. Also, I would recommed you moisturize AFTER applying the Taz, not before. It works best when applied on clean, dry skin. Also, which eye cream are you using? Do
    6. Yes, I cant use them together becuase they counteract, unfortunately. RAM didn't cause an IB for me because the Differin had already done that...A bad one too!
    7. I use Benzaclin in the AM too and I use Olay moisturizer SPF 15 afterwards. My foundation is awesome AND it has SPF 15 too. I use Clinique Even Better foundation. It gives medium coverage and a great finish. I love how it makes my skin look. You have to set it with powder though or else it'll look shiny. If you go to the Clinique counter, they'll give you a free sample. It's the best foundation I've ever tried and I've tried A LOT!! I've never had that problem of white residue rubbing off eit
    8. Hi Dawn, I'm sorry to hear about your neck breakout, I hope that subsides quickly. It takes time to find and settle into a simple skin clearing regimen. Are you off Doxy now? Maybe you can post your daily regimen so that I can see which products you're using I think I'm confused I hope the Taz works out for you! Keep us updated!
    9. Update: I've been using the Pure C Serum for two and a half weeks now with no problems other than a few microzits the first week. The problem I have is incorporating it into my routine. I don't want to give up something for it, so I cant use it daily like I'd hoped I've been alternating it in the mornings with the BenzaClin. Someday I'll give up the BenzaClin completely and just use the C serum in the morning. I like it. It absorbs quickly and once I add my moisturizer, the stickiness goes awa
    10. Topical vitamin A and C both help rebuild collagen. You won't see results quickly though, it takes about a year to notice improvement. I've been using Retin-A-Micro for about 9 months now with visible improvement and just started a vitamin C serum a couple of weeks ago. I'm trying to go the non surgical route too. I'm gonna be patient and give these topicals some time and if I'm not happy with the results, I'm going to do Dermarolling. My scars are mild to moderate rolling and scarred pores.
    11. Hi Dawn. Good to hear from you! I wish you luck with your current regimen. I'll keep checking your log for your progress. I'm hoping the C and A (RAM) together give me some major improvement in my scars, and since they're not severe, I have hope. I'm gonna give it some time before I undergo a procedure like Fraxel. Take care!
    12. I've decided to add a Vitamin C serum to my regimen to help with the scar repair. I'm going to use Pure Deming's Pure C Serum. Its 16% vitamin C which is in the recommended range for collagen production. I'm going to start using this today, once a day. I must say I'm nervous about adding a new product to my regimen since I've been using the exact same products for months and months successfully. I also want to take Vitamin C 1000 mg daily (to help with scars) but not until I know for a fact the
    13. I've been using Retin-A Micro 0.1% for about 8 months and so far I see about a 5 to 10% improvement in my shallow scars. You can expect drying and flaking, especially in the first few months of use. I started off with the strongest .1% with no problems besides the expected dryness and flaking around the mouth. Good luck!
    14. Hi guys It has been more than four months since I last posted. I just wanted to give an update: I'm happy to say that I've been completely and consistently clear since spring! Now I'm dealing with a different skin problem...scars! My scars seemed to become more noticeable after all the acne cleared. They're not severe scars but still very noticeable under certain lighting and up close, enough to make me very self conscious. Although I've been using the strongest Retin-A, it has only helped