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  1. Here is one study that I mentioned above that got me to try microneedling. The second post is the youtube video of people treated in the study (supposedly): Microneedling of Scars: A Large Prospective Study with Long-... : Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (lww.com) Can Microneedling Improve Scars? Plastic Surgery Hot Topics with Rod J. Rohrich, MD - YouTube
  2. I have purchased retin A .005% from Thailand. I am in the USA. To get .01% you will need a prescription. You can get .01% cheap in Canada but you need a prescription.
  3. I have been using the Derminator once a month for the last three months and was really curious as to the quantifiable results that people have achieved and how many treatments it took. I realize there are other threads on the subject and I have read a few clinical trials that seem to have great results after three to four treatments. I don’t see much change after three treatments which is fine since I’m willing to do this a long time. Any feedback or tips would be appreciated.
  4. You will need time to heal post accutane and hope that active acne does not come back.
  5. Some what mild to slightly moderate to me. You do have hyperpigmentation which may seem like your condition is worse. But I don't see nodules or cysts which is mor severe to me.
  6. Hello tonfaroff, you look fairly young. I am not sure what your diet is like but try to eat and drink as healthy as you can. Cut out all sugar, corn syrup, dairy, nuts, grains out of your diet. Yes, no soda, candies, juices. If you eat chicken take the skin off. If you eat a hamburger exclude the bun. Drink boring water. No alcohol. Eat plenty of vegetables, lean meat, some fruit. It is my belief that your internal organs cannot completely synthesize all of the impurities that you have eaten and
  7. You're neck acne looks pretty serious. You are lucky it is not on your cheeks etc. Diet is a very big factor imo. Doctors can make very little money prescribing diet suggestions. You look fairly young and I know when I was young my diet was normal but not good as I know now. Fast food, candies, pastries etc. are not good for your body and skin. It's tough to drink and eat clean at your age and it is boring but the sooner you start the better you may feel and look. I honestly believe my li
  8. Hello dyinginsider, please don't feel alone with your battle with acne. Many do suffer. If you can, try to see a dermatologist to possibly get cortisone shots for the most inflamed area. The inflamation and pain could be reduced in about 48 hours. What happens a lot of times is there are multiple papules near each other that form a giant inflamed area. It hurts a lot and causes mental anguish to no end. Try to immediately eat clean as soon as possible. That means drink water instead of so
  9. It's tough, really tough. When I had bad skin I did my best to reduce interaction with everyone. It consumed my thinking and made working difficult. But the majority of the time I toughed it out and went to work. I'm a guy and no makeup for me back then.
  10. Kaiser is pretty tight on cortisone shots. Usually you have to get referred from your Kaiser GP to dermatology. I made a decent complaint when I needed the shots by saying that it was not right to have to go outside of Kaiser to get these simple shots. Once you are referred to dermatology, you can make an appointment with dermatology for future appointments, bypassing the GP.
  11. You may not think so but you are still very young. It is not unusual to be socially ackward or soft spoken especially if you are asian. Acne and the psychological effects can be a long tough journey. You need to continue to search for the answers and they may very well be on this web site. I was able to get clear from changing my diet. It was a sacrifice initially but I believe that I am healthier. You can beat acne.
  12. Hmmm, are you saying that these marks are not active acne? If not active acne I think you will need to exfoliate your skin fairly aggressively over a fairly long time. Perhaps longer than a year to reduce the hyperpigmentation imo. Your skin also looks bumpy or raised. If not acne then you have keloid scars.
  13. Your acne condition looks moderate. One thing you need to consider is how well your skin heals and how prone is it to scarring. If your skin scars easily then the sooner you can control your acne the better.
  14. Acne breakouts on the forehead are often due to bladder problems. It is suggested that you drink plenty of water each day, exercise lightly 20 to 30 minutes each day and try to get sufficient sleep each evening. You can count yourself lucky that you only have to worry about acne on one part of your face only. Good luck.
  15. I am in the same boat as you. I lost 15% of my body weight and I was not over weight. I gained a few pounds over the holidays due to drinking a little beer and wine. So eat more and try nuts like macadamia.