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  1. I've been taking it over a year now. For six or seven months I was clear, or almost. Now, my skin's gradually stopped reacting to the antibiotic, and my teeth are stained brown in places
  2. I've been applying a 10+ manuka honey and turmeric mask every evening for about 8 months (it's actually on right now). After the first few months I noticed a big difference in my red marks and the overall clearness of my skin. Now though, I'm starting to lose interest because there are a couple of marks which have absolutely refused to fade. I think this mask is great, so I hope it'll continue to work.
  3. I like this company - I use their glycolic peels and their Vitamin C serum. That product is well priced in my opinion, I'd give it a go!
  4. I use a 10+ manuka honey and I didn't experience purging. My skin has really improved since I started using it; so I would suggest that you carry on applying it, but if it continues to break you out, maybe it's not for you.
  5. I got to the stage where regardless of if I picked, I'd scar anyway. I think it was because I destroyed my skin picking and constantly touching it, or at least made it a lot weaker. Waiting it out and picking both give me red marks, but the latter makes it worse.
  6. You can get the powder in the spice aisle of most supermarkets. I'd love to try this with manuka honey. What are the benefits of mixing it with milk?
  7. Aloe vera gel, as with all products you really have to persevere with it before you see results.
  8. I don't even want to think about how much money she spends on everything She's gorgeous!! And that would have taken so much courage to post, I really admire her.
  9. I can relate to this really clearly. Like you, I have very high standards of myself and I'm always pushing myself to work harder, to try harder and to be a better person. But it's fruitless if you're holding back - you can't be who you want to be if you're restraining yourself because of your skin. Acne's hindering you because you're letting it.
  10. You are great. What is the best primer out there?
  11. When my skin is particularly bad, I become extremely boring. I pretty much lose the will to live, because acne gets me down so much. I don't feel like myself, so I don't act like myself. When my skin is clearer, I feel lighter and happier. It's like having a dual personality.
  12. I use aloe vera to reduce redness from old acne, and it really speeds up the process of fading them. It's not gonna prevent acne, but it's good for soothing red marks. It's cheap too
  13. You're gunna have a hard time spot treating your back :/ I would cover the marks and the surrounding area.
  14. If I didn't have acne, I'd just pick out another flaw, like my nose or my freaky mood swings. It's only human to want self-improvement, but the people who can accept their flaws are the ones who are happy.