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  1. hello, i think i can relate to you. I'm 17, and I've developed panic disorder just recently. When it first came, i thought I was losing my mind. All of a sudden, I couldn't focus on what was happening around me, my heart was racing, I was breathless - almost thought i was going to suffocate - and I was hearing things. WHen this happened, I was just sitting in my first period class at my high school. I wasn't standing in front of anybody nor was I talking to anybody. Even though I am 100% sure
  2. accutane has the potential to do anything. It will fuck you up. (I'm a victim) You can't deny that fact. However, it helps a lot of people treat severe acne. We're all taking chances. If you want it, go ahead; if not, then leave it alone.
  3. my lower back is fucked up from 7 months of high dose accutane. It's been 4 months since i've been off it. It's still fucked up. be careful while on it! good luck!
  4. 65% are cured for 1 year or more. With each successive treatment, the success rate goes up. As for me, I did one treatment with a VERY high dosage. I never cleared even after 7 months of PURE HELL. I still have the side effects - it's 3 months post. I'm not going back on tane EVER AGAIN. I don't know. It seems to work so WELL for a lot of people. I must be one of the unlucky ones. ciao!
  5. man.... that must mean more and more ppl are battlin' acne... but on a happy note, it's good to know that we are growin'!
  6. the choice is yours. the severe side effects do occur, as it did to me. And i'm sure it messed up a lot of people's lives. But then again it's saved a million lives. In the end, it is you who have to decide. How is this so hard?
  7. i have some that are persisting 3 months post tane.
  8. you probably could get it. AFter all, it ain't that hard to get tane these days... :sigh:
  9. chill... you look great in your pics, so what are you talkin about? if the itching is CONSTANT, then it's a problem. if it just comes and goes, then you are fine.
  10. I've had my marks for 10+ months. They are fading slowly, very slowly. i think these peels are for mild red marks. I've given up on my marks...
  11. the percentage is blown way out of proportion. Of course, it does work for a lot of people, but 80% is a little exaggerating. More like 60%. Nope, it didn't cure me.
  12. cetaphil helps. it doesn't clog pores.