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    It Would Be A bit long if i start writing it :) <br />So..in short..<br /><br />i <3 playing cricket and soccer :)<br />i am also a great athlete :)[Runner]<br />i also love computers...and listen to music. :) nuffin special.
  1. Same scars on both cheeks a little less on the other side. Any tips? Will it go away on their own? the little holes? or may expand? plus how bad does it looks?
  2. Hi.. I Had acne for last 4 Years Now.. Cysts,Blackheads,Bumps. :s Recently as i am closing in on 18 Years of age... it got a little better and also with a help from some Ayurveda products.. But recently i am seeing i have been having this bumps with black stuff in it.. And it sucks more than a pimple..coz i dont know how to extract it.. And i read it spreads.. And so i did notice It started with a 2 or 3 on my left upper cheek and then it vanished there and now 7 bumps are now on
  3. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/15/20111105085544.jpg/ I Think they are blackheads but how to remove them? Please help they look bad.. and how to reduce the scars? any remedies? Em sick and tired.. :/ Please Help
  4. Acne is gone and all i am left over with Blackheads which still grow dont know why. :/ and Ice pick scars Any idea on reducing them? I Use Tea Tree Oil Facewash and sandalwater+rose water for a mud pack. I dont use any moisturizer cuz it makes my skin looks dull and oily
  5. Plz help (: this is only the right cheek.! Left cheek that is nothing like this. and much fresher plz help :/
  6. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Here are the pics. It Does not look like this bad in the pic.. when i am home but when i go outside and then i come back home it looks oily and bad. and what is the raise thing on the lower cheek it has been not going since months now Plus is there any way to reduce the scars naturally?
  7. My acne is all cleared.. There are 1or 2 bumps and nothing else.. But.. Since em a asian..and i had quite a lot of tanning and nodules when i was much more younger[Presently em 17] But now the tanning is gone and pimples breakouts are once in a blue moon.. But the thing is..Blackheads and Pimples have left a lot of ice pick scars like facial hair pores over my both cheeks. Some of them are large enough to be noticed at some bad lights specially at night.. I am searching for a soluti
  8. Here are a few Pics.. I have a single milia maybe just under my right Eye it looks exactly as bordered http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/30/whitebumps1.jpg/ and here's another problem i have a weird skin beside my nose here it is looks like as its bordered http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/51/whitebumps2.jpg/ Plz Help (:
  9. Wtf.! now when i got over acne and only left with scars.. now i've got 3 bumps all small in size. like a mosquito bite it aint dat big but still its medium sized. one of them is i think a pimple because it kindda hurts a lil very very lil. and rest 2 beside my mouth..raised flat bumps.. looks like some insect bit me. but its not dat.. Wat am i suppose to do? they r all in left cheek one under my eye Rest two beside my mouth
  10. oh well.! yea for asians dat kindda scar will be there (: but it heals away on their own in about 5-6 months.. stay away from overexposure from sun.. sun is the major reason for skin troubles from me if u want a lil fix..u can do get a lil tan like working outdoors normally not by the intention of getting a tan.. also i have heard Lemon+Honey helps remove scars.. i never tried dat cuz i think i am sensitive to lemon
  11. I Am also an asian.! and i am nt sure wether these products will heal ur acne! it hasnt for me ever.! i use an MUD clay mask.! everyday..by one of the beautician..and it has worked for me the small pimples and the rashes are gone Sandal Powder+Rose Water also did helped a lot (: I Use a Soap called Medimix..and em using dat for a year and a half now (: it really helps. (: I never use cream on my skin it makes it oily and looks ugly my skin is prettyoily so i dnt need any kindda cream even
  12. White Heads's Usually Takes 3-4 Days to go!! well i dont know.!! Apply Toothpaste. and sleep and hope it goes tommorow. u can also try applying a ice cube..
  13. na its not inflammed acne. as a matter of fact..i dont have acne now..i now have those ice pick scars and a few small pimples and blackheads. both r taking time to go away..i dont what r these small pimples i mean they cannot be popped or anything neither does it hurts.. and i dnt knw what to do with thse blackheads