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  1. Hey Holly137! I can definitely feel for you, I have the exact same issues. My acne is mainly whiteheads, a few pimples, but mostly those nasty clogged closed comedones. They just looked terrible and ruined my skin texture, and like you I am a picker and could not leave those alone. I ended up with scabs and red marks but those stupid bumps would keep coming back. I believe Mandelic Acid is used mainly for blackheads, so that is probably why it didn't work. As far as hormones go, I'm sure they
  2. I couldn't agree more. I had whiteheads and occasional pimples, but I started to notice more pores were clogged and there were so many closed comedones. I am a picker, and trying to get rid of these was impossible. I would scab up and they would just fill up with gunk again and again. My skin texture just never looked right so I looked for a solution. I also read Lion Queen's post about Paula's Choice BHA and was convinced to try it. I also purged and now my pores look so clean and it has reduce
  3. So, I haven't updated this in a while. After being fired from my server job, I asked my manager at my other job for more hours so I am pretty much working every day there. I have been looking for other jobs, but honestly I feel like I don't need to, because I devote so much time this job and get enough hours. The wedding on Saturday went well and although I had hyperpigmentation and a few spots, I think I looked okay. From the pictures taken, my skin looked perfect, but pictures never show what
  4. I too suffer from the clogged pores and occasional bumps underneath my skin, sometimes they turn into whiteheads and sometimes they just sit there on my face. I started to use Paula's Choice 2% BHA gel. It exfoliates inside the pore and it does bring the clogs to the surface, but it has helped my skin so much. The texture of my skin is so much smoother. The areas that used to fill up and clog don't anymore, and it is now just purging other areas. I really only breakout if my diet goes haywire or
  5. Hey everyone. So, my last post was pretty bad. Saturday night was my good friend's bachelorette party. My skin was scabby, but I tried to cover up the spots with concealer and foundation. It looked okay except for one spot on my lower cheek. No matter how much I caked on the makeup it looked bad and discolored. I sucked up my self-consciousness and ugliness and put a cute dress and went. I did it for my friend and I was glad I did. All of her other friends were beautiful and we had a lot of f
  6. Ya, I'd like to understand why this happens too. I wear glasses and make sure to wash them with soap everyday before I put them on. Being diligent about washing and taking them off when I get home (my vision isn't that bad) has helped me a lot in reducing the breakouts. After sweating a lot I used to just lift the glasses and wipe the bridge of my nose with my fingers. I realize now how dirty that was. If I'm at work I'll run to the bathroom and use a paper towel and wipe the sweat off the glass
  7. Just a warning, but this is going to be a depressing post. So, last night I popped the clogged pore that had been continually coming to a head. It didn't budge for a while but I kept at it. I ripped open the skin. Pissed off about that. Getting ready for work this morning was very hard because my skin looked like shit and I couldn't cover it up, I felt so ugly. So, I get to work only to learn that I had been fired. I didn't show up for work one day (I was scheduled at my other job at the sam
  8. Yay, I have a day off of work today! Gonna go grocery shopping, maybe do some laundry, and wash the dishes. I actually accomplished cleaning the bedroom..very proud of myself. My boyfriend's old roommate that currently lives in NYC might visit tonight, which would be wonderful. He was always very sweet and interesting to talk to. He is an amazing cook, so hopefully I can whip up a few yummy snacks. I'm thinking homemade french fries with different dipping sauces. Ugh, now I'm super hungry. Su
  9. Hey everyone, Today is okay so far. Workers outside my apartment were making a shit ton of noise early, so I couldn't sleep. Ugh, oh well. The spots that I messed with are now scabs so I'll have to wait for them to fully form and fall off. A whitehead formed on my chin (the first in a week) probably because of my diet, late nights, and skipping the BHA one night. I told myself not to pop it and just leave it alone, but I didn't. Its a small red spot. I'll probably ice it a little bit before
  10. Hey all, Its been a while since I've updated. Been using the BHA at night and sometimes in the morning, but it can be pretty drying, although nothing my Cetaphil moisturizer can't handle. I feel like my upper lip (my most clogged and worst area, damn you upper lip!) is purging the clogs that were taking up permanent residence on my face. I'll admit that I did squeeze a few areas, now my upper lip looks like shit. The BHA definitly makes my skin more fragile so it tears easily when I fuck w
  11. I understand that problem completely. For the oily and greasy feeling I use Milk of Magnesia Masks. Just get the original kind and test it on a patch of skin first to be sure it doesn't irritate you. It shouldn't, but everyone's skin is different. I usually do it when I am feeling nasty and oily and wash it off in the shower. It pretty much combats my oil all day and keeps my pores looking small. Read the reviews and stuff on here to be sure its right for you. Some people even use it as a primer
  12. Hey again everyone. Slept in today because I had a killer headache. I feel so much better now though. Its really hot here, especially since we have no AC so I'm pretty much sweating my balls off. Yesterday my Paula's Choice 2% BHA came in along with three samples I chose (skin lightening stuff for hyperpig, BP 2.5%, and a skin balancing moisturizer). My boyfriend is the only one with the key to the mailbox so I had to wait until he got home from work to get it. It felt like Christmas! When
  13. What's up Monday! Early morning cause I am used to getting up when my boyfriend leaves for work. So, yesterday, I popped a few whiteheads and clogged pores. My chin was and still is pretty much looking like a red warzone, my own doing of course. My boyfriend was really sweet and went to the grocery store while I stayed home and cleaned the apartment. I'm glad we got that accomplished. It feels a lot more calm living in a tidy environment. After that I did a Milk of Magnesia mask to soak up m
  14. Hello Day 3, Ugh, I hate the summer for making me sweaty and oily when I wake up in the morning. It actually makes me miss 30 degree weather! Last night, while feeling depressed about my looks and everything else, I picked off some scabs that were ready to go. I proceeded to do this for pretty much every other scab. I am left with a face full of red marks, but every spot i messed with was healed underneath, so that is awesome. The way the body heals itself is actually pretty cool. Anyways, I