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  1. man, my acne was not bad at all, and i took accutane, see my log if u want, try it asap, and start a paleo diet if havent
  2. haha i know man, the good thing is that in Bolivia derms are not god at all, mine said my acne was cystic and was moderate. However, i had always known it was mild. Anyways, i used to get big pustules and a prolongd PIH, so im happy i did it
  3. Hi everybody, i ended my accutane course 1 month ago, I'll give you some tips, and info about it: The good - My body is clear, right now, i dont have any pimple anywhere - I look better hahaha - my face is not oily anymore, my nose is slightly oily after 1 month tough - I have the pleasure of eating again!! - PIH is finally fading!! - My lips were just dried, not craked The bad - I got a rare secondary effect: Hypopigmentation. It's not that bad, but its still present - During
  4. 1 month post-accutane Hi guys!! well i finished accutane 1 month ago as the title says, its been an interesting journey, i'll make it as short as possible: The good - No acne whatsoever, no zits, not even blackheads. All my body is clear - I can eat whatever i want again, of course, im still avoiding junk food, bananas (food allergy), cheap oils, white sugar,soy,etc. - I look better hahaha - Im more confident, im more happier!!!! - PIH is finally fading!! The bad - I've got a rare side-effe
  5. follow the paleo diet, choose 100% organic food. Use organic stevia instead of sugar
  6. huhu 3 times a day? the answers is YES it is causing your acne. The same happened to me, i started taking those shit and my acne problems showed up, its because its spiking your insulin levels, thats why it is causing acne plus it comes from milk, etc
  7. in my own opinion, you can try accutane+paleo diet, your acne will dissapear and if you keep with a healthy life style acne wont come back, convince them to try accutane
  8. hey there! seeing your age, it means your acne problems are internal...check out your diet, sleep and exercise..follow the paleo diet and see what happens (positive results btw)
  9. if you get just those ocassional pimplkes..it would be a good idea to apply the regimen just once a day...if you get 3 or 4 pimples in the same day, remember what did you eat or do the past few days, it might be a food allergy
  10. i totally understand how you feel...its totally annoying. I remember when my ex's little sister told her "why do you love him if he had those red marks". The truth is that children do not think before talking, they dont know how the other person feels like...its normal
  11. dude...forget about supermarket stuff, get ORGANIC lemon juice. What u gotta do is buy a lemon, cut if in half and spread it over your face
  12. mike...tanning wont help man, you gotta apply a strong sunblock every 3 hours. About lemon juice, its a natural acid which peels off the first layers of the skin, the risk is that it might break you out, anyways...try it, i dont think it makes you break out. If you dont wanna take the risk you can try it in one area of your face and see what happens. You can apply it 3 times per week, for 15 minuts
  13. the good thing is i dont see active spots, i think what you need is give some time to your skin, because, if you start treating those red marks with glycolic acid for example, you should stop using BP, and your acne would be back...what you can do is apply lemon juice 2 times per week, or apply 10-12% glycolic acid every the other day. In addition, dont forget that a healthy lifestyle will help acne a lot, try to follow a paleo diet, do exercise and sleep well. About tanning, dont do it!! if y
  14. First of all im trying to help you, if I didnt care about your thread it would be with no answers whatsoever. Second, im not telling you that its making your blood results that high IM TALKING ABOUT THE ROOT OF YOUR ACNE, whey protein makes acne worse, and if it woudnt be worse you hadnt been taking accutane, and if you hadnt been taking accutane your blood levels were normal. Third, your diet consists in a high carb diet, which means a high glycemic load, when this happens insulin sestimulates