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    Leaves skin feeling smooth & clean Helps clear up acne A bit drying, but a drop or too of jojoba oil, and the problem is cured. This stuff is works. I know my skin responds best to natural ingredients and this face wash is basically all natural. Excluding chemicals to help bind the product etc. I use it morning and night with extra jojoba oil that I add it. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and clean with out harsh chemicals. It cleans off my make up well. It also has been h
  2. JuliaElizabeth

    Moisturizes well Leaves skin soft and smooth Helps with flakiness Helps alleviate redness It lasts forever Multiple uses Can be a bit oily if just applied alone This stuff is amazing. I apply almost day and night, I use it in my face wash. I also use it in my moisturizer. This stuff is great. It leaves my skin super soft. It has also been helping with my uneven skin tone, and alleviate post acne red marks. My friends love it too.