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  1. if your scars are severe you need to do aggressive methods, fraxel repair is your best bet as far as aggresiveness go's, after that i would do the microneedling and enerjets
  2. dude dont do the filler at all its permanent stuff and there is no undo option if things get bad, also the filler will add volume to your face so if you alrdy have a round face it will get rounder and look weirder and not natural. i think ur better off with a couple aggressive microneedling RF treatments. i did one and seen improvement on my box scar and icepick scars. that guy is trying to suck out as much money from u as he can 5 grand is wayy too expensive. u can travel to other parts
  3. i have expereience with both enerjet and intracel, what type of scars are you treating and where are they located, this is very important in deteraning. also do not get enerjet or any filler before micro needling RF do it the other way around. microneedling is not safe if there is filler in the area being treated
  4. im glad u had success with it. believe it or not i still havent tried dermaflage yet, funny because i started this thread but my box of dermaflage is just sitting there collecting dust, i might give it a shot one of these days
  5. hey new haven. im glad my experience has influnced you in a good way. can you elaborate on the insomia making you loose volume in your face?? i dont see how that is possible. and if your looking for volume enrjet is perfect because it indeed gives you more volume. my right side which was the worse with ice picks and boxcars looked alittle bit caved in because the scars were bunched up together making it look like i had volume loss there. the extra volume plumped it up making it look less caved i
  6. hey new haven, i have not gotten my 3rd enrjet treatment yet mainly because of the fullness issue. its arguable weather the fullnes is healthy or just strange looking. i feel like the fullness prevents me from smiling naturally meaning my smiles are mainly forced which is really uncofortable, i cant stand it, and i really wnana do something about it. i consulted with some plastic surgeons and they said removing fat from the cheeks is not ideal because its what creates a youthful look but they do
  7. Well i think the redness is better than last week. Also today its less red than yesterday. But i used avene cilcalfate on the spots. Sometimes it looks like a healing process or a slight infection. Last week i went to my dermatologist because i thought my doc did something wrong. She said that's the normal healing process and no scar formation. But i dont know if she was right...she is new and young. My old dermatologist was'nt there at this time. I guess i have to see her. When she is saying th
  8. Wasimo is ur face naturally found? If not do u feel as if the silicone added volume to your face?/when you smile do u feel more volume in ur face then usual? U seem thin but with a round face which is a issue for lots of people. I had this issue with enerjet since it used juvederm and juvederm binds water. I felt bloated all day long even with exercise. Its really uncomfortable.
  9. V beam will clear your redness right up and flushing. I also suffered from flushing after accutane and the flushing was driving me insane. Thank gos for v beam! It may take more then one session depending on how bad it is. It took me about 2-3 sessions for both cheeks each time it got better and better. The only downside that it is indeed a laser so u will be sensitive to sun which sucks ass! Who wants to dodge the sun like a vampire not me !
  10. Sorry I don't follow take care of what problem? The fullness?
  11. You have beautiful skin no u don't need more work done. Save urself the money. Be thankful you don't have serious scarring like deep ice picks and box scars. I only see one rolling scad that's super mild.
  12. The negative side effects are usually with long term use and high dosage. A short course of accutane is far better then 8 years of mino! Let's be real accutane is a wonderful drug and the side effects are dependent on how your body tolerates the drug. I only had nosebleeds and dry lips. 8 years of mino is extremely dangerous.
  13. 8 years on mino!???! That's sounds wrong. I don't understand this. Why don't u go on accutane and get it over with? No longer then 6 months n wallah never have too take meds for acne again. It also cures oily skin and is the only thin that cures oily skin in my opinion. I was on short term mino and the results were fantastic but did not help my oily skin at all.
  14. Hi all. Too sum up fractora its a 50/50. I only had one treatment so this is not based on numerous treatments. It gave me hyper pigmentation problems which took around 2 months too subside. The improvement I got was very minimal for the money I paid. It also opened my pores up which is not good.in all I wouldn't recommend it. Intracel is a better option because its more aggressive and gives better results.
  15. Hey guys. So to sum up intracel here we go. I think intracel can be effective on box scar and ice picks with numerous treatments. I just had one so I can't comment on multiple treatments. The downside is it gives the skin a shiny look which I don't like at all. Unfortunately the wak job who did this on me was too aggressive which effected my tissues. To those who are in Toronto please stay away from spa medica. Joanne is a wak job I made a mistake by trusting her. If I can go back in time I wo