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  1. yeah someone called me ugly 2 years ago and that lowered my little confidence to this day...
  2. yeah that's what I did. I told her that I want accutane and she told me to take monociclin for until march 31 and come back. I alreasy have an appointment fir march 31. I'm sure that if she believed that minocin would work, she;'d give me more than two months. Now I'm not breaking out a lot, just a little bit occasionally but I got more bumps under my skin. Only accutane can clear that up. So tell your derm you want accutane. If he/she won't give it to you again, find another derm. That is what
  3. A still counts as 4.0 so if you got 80 (stupid number for A) while I get a low s as 80 then how in the world is it fair for colleges to accept a 4.0 over a 2.5?
  4. in our school A=93-100% B=92-83% C=82-72% D=81-71% F=62%
  5. err UV threapy eh? isn't UV is the thing that everyone is freaked out about because it causes cancer?
  6. wow. I think you were right there. How dare he say that you are a cause of all his problems? THat's the stupidest thing I've ever heard! If I were you I wouldn't even try to save the relationship like you tried. He was drunk, he said those things. I am a kind of girl that would say "Don't like it? Fuck off" and that's it. You never complained, right? And suddenly you are the cause of ALL HIS PROBLEMS? What a piece of shit your ex!
  7. let's just say a kid that came to our school had a 3.7 or something GPA. He was from a bad school in out county. Our school is the best one in out county. What do you think his GPA was? lower than 2.5 it;s because some schools, like ours, are harder than others. There teachers just gave away grades. Here it's really serious so if colleges accept kids from stupid schools with 4.0 GPA and not those from really hard schools like 3.0 GPA then fuck that college SATs.... let me tell you. How is a pe
  8. wow if I just copied someone's ideas in my paper, I'd be expelled No one in my school has gotten away with plagiarizing (sp?) NO ONE! Even if you change the words, teachers know how you think
  9. no I didn't do tetracycline mino though, it made me break out. Not so much on my face, but my whole body except for me legs! My arms were horrilble, like forget about shirts horrible. My neck was bad so I had to wear sweatshirts and it wasn't exactly cold when I had it. Now it's almost gone. Only red marks left. My chest still has some though. My face - well I also broke out there. Especially on me clear areas. Now it feel like it's drying out so I think it will be gone soon. But I doubt that mi
  10. The only reason I'd tan in the summers is because it covers pimples and you have asweome LOOKING skin for a few weeks but if accutane makes your skin awesome, then why bother taning?
  11. thanks stantheman9, I think I will gete tane for sure. I mean minocycline is not doing anything and even if it will but the end of march, you can't take them forever. I thimk your sis is being silly, but when you think about it, we were all like that. 13 yrs old is about when your emotional level on the edge. I think that when she's 16, you can bug her with "ha! I told you so!"
  12. yes my 7 month old sister has a baby-perfect skin, why?