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  1. I would get an oil free moisturizer which could help regulate the oil production. Also, I would get a gentle cleannser such as Cetaphil to use instead of the soap. Witch hazel can work wonders too. Lastly, take it easy on the scrub and only use a couple times of week.
  2. I recently ordered a tube of oc eight mattifying gel. I have a very oily nose with lots of clogged pores and enlarged pores. Oc eight is supposed to absorb the oil while not clogging pores. According to the website it apparently also reduces blackheads which seems feasible because my clogged pores seem to be caused by excess oil. I applied some yesterday and it did a great job at keeping the oil off for a long time, but at the end of the day I may have seen an increase in blackheads on my nose.
  3. My derm told me to use it after I finished accutane for the blackheads. I probably should've stopped going to her as she didn't seem to know much about acne at all and I've talked to her about the oiliness problem and she just gave me a prescription for stronger tazorac. Dumb.
  4. Has anyone had a similar experience with tazorac?
  5. Hey everyone! I went through a full course of accutane a year and a half ago which cleared me up except for a few blackheads and scarred pores on my nose. My derm gave me tazorac cream .05% for the blackheads. The taz didn't do much for my blackheads and it seemed like my skin wasnt reacting to it untill I noticed that my skin was getting very oily. My skin had never been very oily even before accutane but now my nose is disgustingly oily resulting in clogged pores all over my nose and huge pore
  6. Thanks for answering! I should have mentioned that I stopped using tazorac about three months ago and my skin is still constantly oily. I do not use a moisturizer. Do you think if it was the taz making my nose oily, the oil would go away over time?
  7. Hey everyone! I'm completely new here and just figuring my way around things. I am a 16 year old guy and I have what I consider a bad problem with the pores on my nose. I underwent a full cycle of accutane last year and all my pimples cleared up and they have not come back. After accutane, my derm prescribed me tazorac cream .05% to help with the nose blackheads that I still was getting. After a couple of months on the tazorac without seeing improvement, I noticed my nose started getting very oi