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  1. Yes! The exact spot...like it never left after I cleaned it out
  2. My face has been pretty clear for about a year now. Yeah I get little pimples here and there, and my nose still gets clogged but I steam and use an extractor which really helps. My only big issue is that I have right in the middle of my nose two deep scar/clogged pores. They are not blackheads really... sort of skincolor/whiteish a bit. It bumps out a bit and looks a little tight on the skin.not SO horrible after how my skin use to look, but its annoying and large. I've steamed and clear
  3. in between eyebrows. I've gotten huge cysts there and I know people stare because c'mon it's human nature sorta.. Chin is also bad because it scars so dark, but I feel it is more socially accepted because most girls get a couple there...
  4. I use her BHA 1% gel. its only been 2.5 weeks and I can tell I am purging. I am going to stick with it for 6 weeks to see if I get better results at the end of purging. it really helps breakouts/heals faster. It is making my chin break out pretty bad but I have a lot of clogged pores there. The gel is a little sticky if you put a lot on. I heard the lotion takes longer the dry but I might try that next to not have it be so sticky. honestly give it a try, it might help. they have samples that l
  5. BP works well in helping a cyst move on my chin and develop/heal faster, but can be very drying! Sometimes can be sticky. SA works better on my skin to purge/clean pores and make them much smaller. Helps loosen blackheads and smoothen face over all. However I always get an intial break out when starting a new product with it. I use Paula's Choice 1% and am getting the toner soon--I hear great things! TTO I use to be holistic only. This stuff works really well on cysts. However its best to dilu
  6. It does work for some people. I tried it on my face for a month and it feels good--get that clean feeling! But it dried out my face so bad and I got my entire face covered with tiny tiny pimples that were kinda hard to get rid of. I can never use soup stuff on my face--liquid hand soap or bar because I get these same spots! Good luck thought maybe you will be one of the lucky ones!
  7. Nay--I used it when my dermatologist gave it to me. It feel oily and made me oily after a couple days of use. It's a little outdated in its ingredients. If you are looking for something simple and light, try CereVe. I really recommend it. I use Paula's Choice, but this is always my backup cleanser.
  8. A holistic approach is one that involves treating and healing the body as a whole. Focusing on diet is a main component in this ideology since it is what your body uses to repair and energize itself. Supplementation can be very beneficial but is only a portion of what goes into you on a regular basis. Rethink what you're eating, take a couple steps beyond dairy. Rather than think of it as a matter of "strictness" get excited about trying gluten free dairy-free recipes, paleo recipes, low glycemi
  9. I do natural only too, I've switched to water only with some witch hazel toner and it seems to be helping. I get blackheads in the same area and I found what helps is to avoid foods that I have intolerances to such as dairy, gluten, and eggs and to never miss washing my face the way I do. The toner really helps because I swipe it really slow and well around my nose area. Also not touching my face. I'm still trying to find a better method, but this has helped a good deal so there are not as
  10. Your acne seems to be a lot like mine because mine is hormonal and allergy related. Something I found to help with the lower face/chin acne is chasteberry/vitex. It takes three months to completely see results but it is my most imporatant vitamin I take daily. It prevents those huge painful ones. It's a life saver. I too struggle to avoid my gluten/dairy/corn etc allergies. Esp sugar because I sort of have an addiction and want it all the time and it doesnt help that my bf has a terrible swee
  11. I have been doing this as well, except I follow with a cotton ball and acv or witch hazel. The water has been helping a lot and reduced oil amazingly. I feel like my oil skin went to almost normal skin in about 3 days. It was pretty pretty oily the first few days. I follow with the toner because I feel scared going comletely water only. Also the toner helps with redness a lot. I just had a question about dry skin. My skin looks decent, but in the light or up close you can tell its dry and lit
  12. People on here are silly. Ugggh??? What are we 4?
  13. DAIRY forsure. Ice cream and cheese are the worst. There are some others I am pretty sure and still testing: EGGS GLUTEN SUGAR GREEN TEA Other non-food items:touching/plucking skin/hairs to roughly, hot water, bad sleep, not rinsing before bed, stress, hormones, picking skin, soap, most face washes. Lol, our lives.... Oh and Peanuts and Corn too! dammit...
  14. For one try to pluck your eyebrows. Be very gentle because I usually get them if I am too rough. Also, try opening the pores with a warm towel before hand to help irritation. People can get pimples there for diff reasons. Me because I have overly sensitive skin. Also, it could be your shaving cream. The blade could be cheap, try no cream and better blade. My bf breaks out if he uses anything so he just shaves in the shower with water. His skin is perfect. Acne requires trial and error. Hop
  15. I found out id get some due to the ingredients. Like jojoba in products and stuff in most gels dont agree with me.