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  1. The reason why it looks fake is that it most probably doesn't suit your skin. You mentioned that the colour doesn't match - if the colour is off or the formula is wrong (too light, too dry, etc) it won't look good. It's really worth to spend time finding the perfect concealer or base because a good looking base is the key to good looking make-up. I don't use a foundation (just Mac studio finish concealer and powder) but if you do, apply the concealer after the foundation. This way you don't appl
  2. Same here - it clogs me up. I still recommend using it otherwise, because it gets rid of yeast infections, athlete's foot and smelly feet. I've treated a post-antibiotic yeast infection with virgin coconut oil many times and everyone I've recommended the treatment to said it worked for them too. It's much gentler than pharmacy meds and a lot cheaper too. Anyone who has a problem with smelly feet should try it because it really does work - strange but true! Just wash your feet, dry them, put on s
  3. Eina


    I have no problem with talc but a friend of mine can't use any powders with talc due to the zit fest that follows. Same thing with mineral oil and silicones: some people use them without any problems and some avoid them like the plague. I can't use products with mineral oil because it gives me zits almost anywhere I apply the product. I've tested this a million times with similar products with and without mineral oil and the mineral oil ones always give me zits even on my shins. I don't know why
  4. Eina

    Chin Pimples

    Your pimples sound like they're hormonal. If you've gone on or off the pill, it might be a reason or maybe your body is just changing - mine did the same when I was about 25. I've noticed that a low cortisone cream can be a real help for deep set pimples. Juts dab some on the pimple where you feel or see it for a couple of nights and it should go away. Cortisone can thin the skin so I wouldn't recommend using this every day but on the occasional monster zit it should be fine. Dabbing on some BP
  5. I like cold pressed avocado oil. It feels a little creamy/rich to the touch but absorbs the best out of all the other oils I've tried. Some oils break me out (grapeseed, sesame, coconut, shea) whereas others don't (olive, rapeseed, avocado). I read somewhere that you should try to find an oil that resembles the oiliness of your own skin the best. This way your skin doesn't go haywire trying to correct itself and the oil seems to "sink in".
  6. I would just like to point out that zits don't pop up out of the blue - they start to develop long before you can actually see them. Unless you have an allergic reaction, I would not stare too hard on what you ate the night before but rather see your diet as a whole. Keeping a food diary helps. Stress can also worsen acne so if you've been especially stressed lately, it might have an effect.
  7. It sounds like the source of your skin problems is both hereditary and hormonal. Unwanted hair can start popping up as you get older so I doubt it has anything to do with BP. What BP can do to hair (and pretty much anything around you ) is bleach it. In any case, I get the feeling that your biggest worry isn't acne. It's not having friends to share your life with. And if you really think about it, no lotion or potion promises to help you get true friends. I have to agree with demona that boos
  8. If you haven't had a cold sore before and it doesn't itch or burn and had a whitehead on it, it's probably not a cold sore. You can usually feel a cold sore when it's developing (itching, burning soreness) and it doesn't look like a whitehead.
  9. Going off the pill can cause breakouts. My guess is that since you've been on them for 7 years, your body is just trying to balance itself out.
  10. It's crazy how hormones can affect how you feel - and your skin! I have hormonal acne and I get an acne attack right before my periods. Usually around this time I also feel that my skin looks worse even if the situation isn't all that bad. A week later I feel I have great skin even though the same zits are still there
  11. Birth control pills cleared up my acne (which was mild) but my skin went crazy for about a year after I stopped taking it. My skin has always been dry but since coming off the pill, I feel it's a lot oilier. I also break out on my forehead, which never happened before going on the pill. I don't know if this is just my skin type changing with age or a nasty, permanent side effect of birth control pills but acne worsening is not something I like to see. I stopped taking the pills for about two-thr
  12. Birth control can help for mild acne (did for me) but the effects last only for as long as you take it. For this reason I wouldn't advise going on the pill because if you want to stop using it at some point, your skin might go worse (mine did for about a year). Doctors don't really tell you about the side effects either. The bets thing is perhaps go to a dermatologist if there's something that might help but stress can definitely play a part in acne getting worse.
  13. Has cutting out dairy had any effect on your skin? If it hasn't, it might not worsen your acne. For me, there's a clear link between cystic pimples and dairy. When I don't eat any dairy products, I don't get cystic pimples - as simple as that.
  14. Toothpaste will do nothing for cystic pimples. What will help is hydrocortisone cream (1%). When you notice a cystic pimple forming, dab some hydrocortisone cream on it before going to sleep. However, I have to point out that using hydrocortisone in the long run will make your skin thinner so only use it very occasionally and sparingly!
  15. Luckily, my zits are slowly disappearing but I thought I'd share a product tip on something that actually works. Some time ago, I ran across a Japanese acne product called Nexcare Acne Dressing. They're small patches made out of hydrocolloid that literally suck the life out of a zit you've just squeezed. Usually a zit kind of bounces back overnight after I've squeezed it, but these patches absorb the liquid and prevent scabs from forming. They can be a real skin saver when you've just wrecked yo