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  1. Know Hope

    Took The Plunge - Started Spiro

    It's been over a year that I've written. I can't figure out how to write a new blog post , so I'll respond to my last post. My acne has dramatically improved better since going on spiro plus taking a few key supplements and changing my diet. What I'm taking right now: -50 mg spiro per day - I started by taking two 25 mg per day because it made me feel dizzy at first. Now, it's no problem to take the full dose at once. I did get an initial breakout, which sucked, but it was mostly
  2. Know Hope

    Took The Plunge - Started Spiro

    This is going to be really long, to record what discoveries I've made in the last few months. The TL;DR version: I'm now taking a low dose of spiro and supplementing with a dab of progesterone cream for the 2 weeks prior to my period. Also, I found a really good article that breaks down PCOS and acne and how to treat it holistically: http://ndnr.com/web-articles/dermatology/treating-pcos-acne-from-the-inside-out/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  3. I had a breakout, but I'm 90% certain it was caused by some new supplements I started taking. I stopped taking those supplements and the breakout did not get worse and started healing up - all during the part of my cycle when I normally do experience one huge final flare up. I'll explain more, but first, why did I start with some new supplements in the first place? Well, I'm obsessed with having clear skin. Like everyone else here - lol! So while my skin was looking pretty great, I know I
  4. Know Hope

    Still Clear! Omg!

    Glad it's working for you too! I'm using Nature's Bounty Cinnamon supplements.
  5. Know Hope

    Still Looking Pretty Good!

    It's good to hear from another person in the same boat! I'm 35 too btw. So how is cinnamon working for you? I take it before I start eating, 3 x a day. I read chromium is supposed to help with insulin resistance/depression too - but sometimes it gives me insomnia so I don't always stick with it. Congrats on clearing your skin!
  6. Know Hope

    Still Clear! Omg!

    Finally got my period a few days ago, and I am still clear. I got minor PMS anxiety issues and a couple of zits popped up, but I'm not worried about it! My skin looks great. I'm wearing less make up everyday and I'm extremely happy. I'm busy too. Now that my days of obsessing over acne appears to be over, I realize I have all kinds of other stuff to deal with. Oh well! I still want to write a post recapping everything I learned but don't have the time right now. Everything I le
  7. Know Hope

    Still Looking Pretty Good!

    Oh and thanks re: the engagement! My skin will be looking so much better by the time we move in, and that is a miracle for me!
  8. Know Hope

    Still Looking Pretty Good!

    Oh thanks! I'm glad this is helping! Once I perfect my regimen, I want to post something with all of the research to back up my claims. I'd love it if my obsession with curing my acne helps as many people as possible. What's your regimen? Let me know if cinnamon works for you too.
  9. So I should start today, but nothing so far. I don't get cramps or pissy moods my more, which usually told me my period was coming soon. I think adding the cinnamon has thrown things off a bit. I forgot to mention that I was spotting last week, which is unusual (but not unheard of) for me. I read that some women spot when they're ovulating, so I thought maybe that was the case for me too. I'm not too worried, but I am really curious to see how my skin reacts to my period starting. Als
  10. Know Hope

    Still Looking Pretty Good!

    My period should be here in the next couple of days and my skin is looking pretty good still! For a few days I got pretty lax with all of my supplements, except for the cinnamon with every meal 3 times daily. I'm pretty sure that is what caused the one pimple I got on my cheek. It went away quickly, but it bummed me out because I was getting used to having clear skin! So I'm convinced all of this works together. Maybe cinnamon cuts down on 50% of my acne, and saw palmetto and v
  11. Know Hope

    Wow, Still Can't Believe It!

    I'm due for my period in 6 days... I have not had one break out. This has never happened to me! I'm excited, but also a little freaked out. I mean, could it really be that simple? 1 cinnamon pill before every meal 3 x a day and low glycemic snacks between meals seems to do the trick. I'm still taking my regular supplements, but honestly, they never gave me the instant results cinnamon has given me. HOWEVER, something did happen that worried me a bit. I accidentally took 2 cinnamon
  12. Know Hope

    Quick Update :)

    Still no breakouts! Two weeks before my period is when my skin looks like shit - this time last month, I had two big pimples on my chin that erupted over night. My skin looks amaaaazing! It feels amazing! I'm due to get my period at the end of the month - if my skin stays looking this good, I will declare my hormonal acne defeated! Now, I'm off to research paleo friendly recipes. Whee!
  13. Know Hope


    Finacea and cinnamon! Finacea caused a bit of purging in the first week, but it was minor for the most part and now it's working great. My hyperpigmentation is improving and my skin isn't overly dry like when I use retin a. I'm using it at night with Dan's AHA. I'm using BP and moisturizer during the day - I have a huge bottle and I feel like I might as well use it, even though my skin is clear with no active pimples. The biggest improvement is due to cinnamon capsules that I have ta
  14. Know Hope


    I get annoyed when people stop updating these things because I wonder if they're off living their acne free life or what. I am still not acne free. But - my skin is looking pretty good too. I'm on the same supplements and 2 weeks out of the month my skin is basically clear until 2 weeks prior to my period when I have a flare up. Improvements I've made: I am not touching my skin as much. It's made such a huge difference! I ditched retin a micro as my only topical. I realized I neede
  15. Know Hope

    And My Low Dose Accutane Adventure Is Over!

    Well, I DID call and left a message saying I was discontinuing treatment because of weird side effects and I did not get a call back. Honestly, all dermatologists are good for are prescribing the medications that I find out about from the internet. And nowadays, I'd rather go through an online pharmacy..