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  1. i know what u mean...its terrible...i also just got out of high school and started goin to the university..and like everyone else there is clear except me...not only do i still got some acne..but i got my face full of acne scars..its terriblee..i only got a couple friends.and i dont hang out with them or anything anymore...i guess all i can do is live with it.....u should try using epiduo...worked somewhat for me after a while
  2. gosh i feel exactly the same....i always wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and just see a huge mess and get all depressed....i know how u feel and i know it just seems like this is a never ending problem.....im a 19 yr old guy and have had it for 5 years now..so i have scarring and bad acne...i know people always say to not obsses over it..but its really hard to not think about it since its my face for gods sake....my self esteem is extermely low..so now i just try to forget about my
  3. nope not at all...thats not even moderate...i wish i had skin like urs
  4. im a 19 yr old guy and i have had severe acne for over 5 years now...therefore my face is covered with scars and yet i still have huge cysts on my face and neck...and my whole back is full of cysts...i never want to do anything and just cry about my acne everyday..i hate looking like this when i see that everyone else has a flawless skin...today i went to the store to get some fresh air since i havent left the house all summer...as i walked in, this guy about my age asks me why do i have so much
  5. okay amm..i have severe acne too..one thing i would suggest is stopping the zinc....i had moderate acne for some time..then i started taking zinc and i broke out pretty bad...i read in an article that acne could be caused due to lack of zinc but also from too much zinc...thats one think i would do if i were u...also ..try getting a topical cream from a dermatologist....i know how u feel..i feel the same way everday..i never leave the house even though my friends say i should...
  6. trust me it can..im 18 and have suffered from sever acne for 5 years now...my face continues with severe acne..and i have 100 million scars on my face..it looks as if someone gave me like a ton of cuts on my face and covered completly by them...and its all red cuz i still grow cysts on top of them..so yeah..im super ugly because of my acne
  7. thanks yea well my bigggest issue is scarring actually...it looks as if they are so deep scars that they will never heal....and they cover my entire face completely..well except my forehead..but yeah then i still got cysts on my face and neck...just horrible
  8. yeah..i just hate how acne can take over one's life just like that...so terrible
  9. im 18 and have had acne for 5 years..(severe acne)...now i still have severe acne and even worse i have super deep scars all over my face...my face is completely covered with scars along with bad acne....i hate my life so much...i hate going outside my room..this summer i havent done anything nor plan to do anything...i feel so terrible....at times i just try not to look in the mirror..but as soon as i see my reflection somewhere..i can see my terrible face....it looks way horrible....idk why..
  10. it looks like a bit of scarring....it should fade with time...ive had severe acne for years.and now i still do along with huge deep scars...but yeah...if u can stop ur acne now...go for it..trust me ..u dont want scars
  11. hey luis! feel free to message me if you need to talk, and you are not alone !

  12. i understand u completely ..im 18 and have so much acne and acne scars..i feel way depressed...i never go out or do anything...i hate going out and seeing everyone else with no acne at all and im the only one with it
  13. im 18 and have had severe acne for many years now..ive tried everything...doctors and derms have prescribed me many antiboitics and topicals but nothing works...im currently on epiduo and its just making my face worst.....this year i was so fed up with this that i completely changed my diet and everything..i only eat healthy foods and only drink water....i change my pillow case daily...i was my face twice a day...i dont touch it or anything..but everyday i still get more and more acne...i dont k
  14. did u take accutane? how was it?