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  1. Update if anyone is interested got some more scars today and as you can see from the pictures they always start out red. Then the redness fades and then leaves the indents.
  2. Hi this happened to me too. I tried supplements with good bacteria lactobacillus etc but I just broke out after. I do eat sauerkraut though and that seems to be fine. Strangely I also used to drink Yakult and never broke out from that, but realising it contained milk I gave it up as I didn’t want to risk it.
  3. Hi just wondering does anyone know why differin or adapelene .3% isn’t available in the uk?? They only prescribe .1% here. I wanted to try this for my acne scars as I don’t want aggressive treatments.
  4. Hi 8m currently working as a postman and am exposed to the sun daily. I know you shud avoid the sun post dermapen treatment to avoid pigmentation, but why should you avoid it pre treatment?
  5. Hi I have an insane sweet tooth and I cannot live without sugar. I've found a way to treat myself once or twice a week without suffering huge breakouts. If I treat myself monday then I would lower sugar content the next two days to stabilise insulin levels. This is what works for me and I just repeat. Don't go insane though. But I'm just wondering how come some people have ice cream every day but their skin still looks smooth AF! So unfair.
  6. Just want to update if anyone is interested. I think it might be eating high sugar content REGULARLY. Last week I would allow myself one day to treat myself and then the next two days after I would eat a low sugar diet. Then I would treat myself again after. But every time I treat myself I would always allow two days rest where I lower my sugar. During that week I had no random scarring appear on my face. However this week I have been feeling incredibly stressed and have been eating sugar E
  7. Hi I wanted to treat my acne scars on both my cheeks. Severe to moderate on left side and mild to moderate on right side. I’m not sure which treatment to get. I’m juggling between resurfx laser non ablative, dermapen or prp scar treatment. I think most people say that lasers do jack for scars but I’ve also got hyperpigmentation and freckles I want to address as well. Please help thanks.
  8. I know my acne isn’t under control already because like I said before I used to get loads of acne when I didn’t use any products. Dude you don’t read my posts properly! Before I didn’t use any products to help with acne and I always used to breakout if I didn’t get enough sleep. The same thing happens now if I get terrible sleep I get a big nodule. Since using proactiv my acne has been under control! Again like I said before I have been using proactive for about 8 YEARS NOW WITH NO SID
  9. Hi. I’m sorry but I’m not going to stop using proactiv because it’s the only thing that controls my acne. Like I’ve said if I don’t use anything I will get big nodules on my face. No thanks!! before using proactiv I used tea tree oil products, face wash moisturiser and night cream. It did nothing to help my acne. Everyone’s skin is different and I’ve found what works for me. the only reason I get acne now is because of poor sleep. Any I can’t fix my sleep because the conditions I suffe
  10. Hi there. You read my post wrong. First of all I said I normally wash my face at 7.30pm. BUT sometimes I fall asleep and don’t wash it and then when I do wake up at 3.30am I will wash it. Secondly I suffer from sleep problems for the last 7 years and that is because I suffer with teeth grinding, raynauds syndrome and erythromelalgia. These conditions are what disturb my sleep. I wake up on average once an hour. Thirdly I’ve been using proactiv for about 7 years and it has helped with m
  11. Here is an example of the random scarring without actually getting acne first. The first picture shows that I have a scar already, but then you can see in the second pic that the scar has grown for some reason. Wtf is up with that. what I did that evening. I washed my face at 5pm and moisturised. I don’t normally wash face until about 7pm but my face was feeling dry. i was absolutely exhausted that night following hard day work I fell asleep around 7.30pm without washing my face again.
  12. You know what I can’t be bothered to post pictures, but I’m still having this problem. Things that changed within the last four months I got a job as a postman, so walk a lot and am extremely tired. I get bad sleep anyways (wake up several times during the night), but something else that’s changed is i always get up to pee now so maybe that’s disrupting my sleep even more? Takes me longer to get back to sleep. I eat more sugar than I normally do. Everyday I’ve added banana malt loaf or appl
  13. Hi my names Matt I’ve been suffering with acne since about 18 and I’m now 29. When I was 21 I developed sleep problems which still exist today and never sleep properly. A bit later let’s say a few months after I developed sleep problems I noticed that I would get random acne scars on my face without actually getting any acne first. I also suffer from raynauds syndrome (dunno if this affects my ability to heal). During this time I also started using proactive products, which do not contain h
  14. Duuude that’s hardly anything man! I mean they’re not even that deep! I have severe scarring on my face which is way worst than yours! Relax, I reckon chemical peels will help you fade those. Best of luck mate
  15. Hi, Thanks again for the info! Yes I’ve stopped taking the vit c with the rosehips and my acne has calmed down. No big nodules. I’ve also started vit a 5000iu a day which has been helping calm inflammation and help speed up healing.