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  1. ACNE- about the same its less red though SIDE EFFECTS- chapped chapped chapped chapped lips grrrrr OTHER NOTES- nothn weird here
  2. watch out for clindamycin its been known to casue serious health issues and it has probably the lowest sucess rate of all acne prescribed medications
  3. ibpwninacne


    i just noticed how bad my spelling is on these blogs haha oh well
  4. im guessing its the sunscreen the problem with sunscreen is that it stays on ur skin no matter what and when u sweat underneath it it leads to clogged pores try using a lower spf becuase their usually much less thick and release sweat better but no matter which one u use it will always clog pores to some degree
  5. the dosage does matter for ibs but only slightly its an indivisual thing and is different for every person
  6. LIke always haha weekend distracted me oh yeah i have finals this week which means two things one i probably wont post till friday (when school ends :( :dance: ) and also i will prob break out becasue im gonna be stressed ahhh fml anyway here ya update haha ACNE- the red bumps have changed into whiteheads that hurt so its not better but not worse haha just different ahh kill me..oh well when school gets out im not gunna be nearly as worried about my face so thats good SIDE EFFECTS- my
  7. im telling you all the freaky people who say accutane ruined their lives well realize thats like one in a million people my derm said shes treated over 30 thousand people with accutane includeing her own children and shes never had a serious problem trust me im on it right now ull be fine and its soooo worth it
  8. well you see when you bought those durgs you most likely agreed to some sort of policy and since no one reads policies lol it im guessing it said somewerhe non liable look im not trying to be a nag im just trying to make sure you dont endanger your health i looked up the brand name that thier selling and no official drugstores sell it such as cvs and wallgreens so that makes it even more suspicous do what you have to do but be extremely careful id call your doctor and ask what they think
  9. ok i dont want to sink your hopes but if you bought that from an online website without a prescription GET OFF NOW!!! theres been countless horror stories the pills u are taking probably have no active ingrediaint in them, and thats the best scenario they could contain something terrrible tht could extremely damage your health if you went throguh the process of seeing a derm and getting a prescription then sorry for my rant but if you bought accutane off an online website that stop taking it imm
  10. ibpwninacne

    DAY 29

    i had my derm appoitment today and i told her i started putting that steroid desonate on my face that she gave me a while ago and it really helped to bring my acne down yay she said that was fine and gave me a refilll but she did warn to not use it to long and use it sparingly which is fine by me im feeling better schools almsot over thank god so i wont have to worry about my face as much well thats pretty much it acnes getting better lets hope it stays taht way this time haha
  11. ibpwninacne

    oh boy

    oh boy i feel i big one coming i dont want to say anyhting to jinx it and make it worse il blog later
  12. ibpwninacne

    DAY 27

    ACNE- about the same i think i see one new bump forming :'( and im also going to start putting on my desonate when i was on prednisone i noticed a big improvement in my acne and since desonate is basically and topical form of the same medication i think it may help SIDE EFFECTS- ok this is werid but my stomach hurts and im really gassy haah ewww anyone else have this problem OTHER NTOES- nada
  13. ok haha quick update im not upset anymore i have moderate acne i learned that if u look in the mirror and look at ur face as a whole and not concentrate on the pimples u see what everyone else sees it looks fine no complaints im a lot happier not i don't even have any cysts haha just small pimples il get through but wow this acetone puts u through a roller coaster not just acne related but emotionally haha watch out people