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  1. It'll get better, check out my Accutane log, just got off of it(:
  2. I have been off of Accutane for a few days now, noticing my lips are going back to normal. I feel somewhat free. Even though Accutane has made me clear (except for enlarging these pores which i could cover up..) I feel happy i'm off of the medication. I don't have to make sure to take meals with my medication and I feel a weight being lifted off of my shoulder. This is it. I'm off of it. All i've known for 5 months. I only remember dreaming of this day the first time I took Accutane. I felt like
  3. Hang in there, it was so simple for me though. Go visit my log(: I grew up so much while I was on Accutane. It's a savior.
  4. i popped a zit on my nose and i was hard on the scab and it came off and whats left is a huge scar on the tip of my nose. been there for about 5 months. not a day goes by that i don't think about how much i wish i could go back to that time when i could have not been so rough with it
  5. DAY 124 Why am i not jumping up and down and crying tears of joy by now!?!??! Damn you guys. Damn. I've come so far in these past few months, incredibly much. I am clear now. Minus these redmarks which i see are slowly fading, and for my pores, well...my derm said it's pretty genetic. both my mom and dad have large pores, but guess what, i can't let little enlarged pores stop me from living my damn life(: i notice that they are sorta slowly healing and getting smaller maybe? So what. Big d
  6. DAY 84 hey people(: sorry i haven't been posting because life has been going fantastic(: i did have a little scare because i noticed my pores started getting obnoxiously large, but it looks like their shrinking a bit? ....well we'll see by the end of my treatment. no new acne or pimples, just these horrid red marks that are here. life is beautiful.
  7. DAY 50 Accutane has given me my life back. I am clear, happy, except my only complaint is these damn chapped lips. I dont know about you, but i'd take chapped lips over acne ANYDAY. have a good day!
  8. DAY 43 Hey!!(: I'm doing GREAAAT. i've been in lots of guy drama the past few days and been busy, you know enjoying my clear skin! My only complaint is my redmarks, but I've practically mastered how to cover it up. I get my permit in 3 months so i'm hype about that, only 3 more months left until I leave for CALIFORNIA and until I finally finish Accutane! I'm SOO pleased. Guess what too!??! First day of school is tomorrow, and i am going to be CLEAR for tomorrow!! Remember 43 days ago when I was
  9. OMG now i feel bad about making this post, i feel horrible hahha i only made this post because i was upset with my bad experience with DKR regimen, can i delete this?
  10. throughout my whole course so far i've been on 60mg, no changing, just 60mg the whole 5 months! Oh and everybody attentionnnn! i probably won't be making any new posts anytime soon because everything is going pretty smooth right now, unless something crazy happens i'll update(:
  11. DAY 37 My house got hit by the irene hurricane and i had no power for the past 3 days, it's sucked sooo much! i was miserable without my internet and stuff, i literally JUST got power back like now. anyways my acne is pretty much none, and my face looks nice with foundation(: i'm doing clear and great, bye!
  12. DAY 34 hahahah same. thanks for all the support. i guess the good thing about the future is it comes a day at a time! anyways I feel super nervous, i have only a few days until school and i'm fuhhreaking out. so scared! my friend and I want to move to a new school together to have a clean new slate and new reputation, but we're going to wait 9 weeks at the old school to see if things dont get better then we're packing our backpacks and transferring, being the pretty 2 new girls!(: anyways anywa
  13. i'm just warning people and telling my story. i was just extremley dissatisfied with this product and was loyal to it for 2 months, just wanting to get MY story out there..