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  1. I am debating if I should try a liver cleanse. I have super oily skin and have bene on accutane 3 times. I get sebum plugs on my scalp and all over my face. My face is like "wet" because of the intense oil. My back feels like sandpaper because of the sebum all over and I get blackheads as well all over my face and back. Wondering if anyone has suggestions on the liver cleanse? Thinking it might help?
  2. I have a serious stuffed up nose. Its always runny or stuffed up. throughout the winter Im constantly blowing it or its dripping... my doc just prescribed me fluticasone propionate nasal spray and It cured my oily skin for three days...but then it came back. Any ideas? My nose is still very stuffy, but its not as runny. Do you think the stuffy nose could be the problem leading to my extremely oily skin and sebum plugs all over my face and back?
  3. Let me know!!!! Crazy thing is, I started a new diet last week. After one week I'm noticing a huge change already! What are you doing?????
  4. Well, I decided to go on the paleo diet. Basically, I havent had any processed food for the past five days. Lots of fruit, vegetables, some salmon, salad... Seems to be helping the plugs. I still have terribly clogged pores, but the plugs seemed to have halted? Time will tell. I get white stringy stuff when i squeeze and theres a lot! Ahhh i hate this. Its so tough eating like this. Im going to find something that works. Anyone know of the best dermatologists in america? lol.
  5. are you speaking from experience? Where did you hear about this? I read an article on acne.org about the gaaps syndrome... http://www.gutandpsychologysyndrome.com/gaps-diet/ It just seems hard to believe that you could cure your gut in a few weeks?
  6. yeah, i just feel like i need more energy so I was wondering what else I could eat. Also, my girlfriend eats out all the time.... so I was wondering about the salads at restaurants/fast food. Obviously, going extremely light on dressing..
  7. Thanks. Is there anything at fast food restaurants that you can order? Like a mcdonalds grilled chicken southwest salad?
  8. I'm revamping my diet. Been on the paleo diet for the past three days and I'm already seeing an improvement. However, a few questions... I play basketball, run, bike, golf...work out all the time. I am used to eating spaghetti, carb loading, and having drinks like gatorade and powerade all the time. What can I substitute for carbs? Anything? Right now I'm eating chicken, fish, vegetables, fruits, walnuts, eggs and not much else. Looking for some advice, I wanna keep this going!
  9. Today is day 1. I'm writing this blog to keep myself honest, keep myself motivated, and to start a "new life." To explain my story in a few short sentences: I am currently 26 years old. I have suffered from acne since I was 12-13 and have taken 3-4 courses of accutane. My last course of accutane was when I was 21 or 22 I believe. I don't want to take it again, I want to find another method to control my acne. The accutane took care of the deep cysts, but I've recently developed (its got
  10. Pityrosporum Folliculitis. Look at the threads on the acne.org. Especially if its itching...
  11. Long story short - Ive been on accutane 3-4 times. Im 26 and a male. The last 6 months my acne has become pretty bad. My picking probably makes it looks ten times worse, but anyway... I get so many clogged pores all over the face. My clogged pores are filled with white stringy stuff. I also get sebum plugs and blackheads all over the face. My back has tons of smaller/medium sized pimples(which arent terribly inflamed until i squeeze) but they have a hard white sebum substance in them. I also