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  1. Week 6 So I'm up to week 6 of restarting the full regimen. I only have one active spot right now, but some fresh PIH from others of late, sigh. I also have a massive boil type spot on my forehead, not good! I reeeeaaaally wish I kept doing it twice a day now lol then I might not be having this problem but alas it is too late for what if's. One thing I have not been enjoying is how easily BP can bleach your bedding!
  2. So I've now been doing the Regimen for almost a year and I actually pretty much cleared up, however in the last month or so I seem to be getting a few big red spots again which are once again depressing me. I did however stop applying BP in the evening around December time and so have now started my two applications again today as I miss my acne free skin
  3. So I am now a full year into the regimen, and although my red marks have pretty much all vanished (yayyyy!) I've noticed that I seem to be getting a few spots on my most spot prone cheek of late, like in the last month or so so as of today I am starting to use BP am and pm again and hope it blasts the acne. I have high hopes as it's worked before and I'm really gutted I've started to get a few big bad spots again. Will let everyone know how it goes!
  4. Week 30 So I know I've not been on here lately but I do still use the Regimen! I hardly ever get any spots, one a month or less my PIH is definitely getting better but it is a very slow process so I do still have some. My Regimen now is:- AM Wash face with DKR Cleanser or Olay cleanser (I use both and like both equally) Use one (not full) pump of BP (I don't really wait to use the BP as my face dries quick from the cleanser) Moisturise when my face no longer feels tacky (approx 5-1
  5. Soooo basically all is going well! Not a lot to report, I still daren't leave the house without foundation but at least nowadays my face is smooooth so you can't tell I have acne. PIH is still there, but must be fading sloooowly haha. I'm pretty happy to keep on and see further improvement. I'm pretty slack sometimes with applications and if it's too late when I get ready for bed I sometimes just apply AHA instead of doing the regimen, missing out on 1 application now and again doesn't s
  6. Week 23 Finally managed to check back on here! Sorry for being so useless ha but I do promise to keep updating from time to time but as you can see it isn't week to week any more! I don't really have a lot to say from week to week now anyway. I'm no longer on Dianette because I found it bloated me too much and I think the DKR had already begun working anyway so Dianette didn't really do anything! I do still get one or two painful red bump spots around that time of month but I'm going
  7. Ok so this is the first time I've been on the org on my phone so I'm leavin a quick post to celebrate the occasion haha. I'm gettin rly annoyed with my PIH now, will it ever fade to leave me with nice skin again? :-/ I guess so eventually.. I'm hoping for drastic (or at least some) improvement in time for Christmas. I also bought a cleanser to try today as even though I love Dan's it would be a bit cheaper for me! It's olay refreshing face wash. I will let ya know how that works out for
  8. Week 17 & Week 18 Ok so I haven't updated this for a while due to the fact that the org no longer works on my computer at work! So I haven't been able to post anything! Ha. I'm now posting from home as it works on this one for some reason... Not a lot to say for the past couple of weeks except that I did get a couple of spots, nothing too major but enough to think it was due to the time of the month etc. They're not even completely gone yet. It annoys me that my spots last so long! W
  9. Sooo this has been a while ha. It turns out that the new updated org doesn't load properly on my work computer where I usually update everything! So I'll probably be updating this a lot less. Not a lot to say, just that I picked a spot on my left cheek the other day! Only one but that's the first time I've properly picked in ages! PIH alert, NOOOOOO!! lol
  10. Ok so wow yesterday I attacked my face a lot more than I have in what seems like a looooong time, I picked this little thing on my forehead and this other tiny bump on my right cheek (which has left a big red mark btw ) and even a toothpastey type spot thing on my chin! I am soooo annoyed at myself! Even though I didn't really do that much compared to when I usually go wild, my face is still worse than it has been for a while. I'm just hoping that this is because of my time of month only.
  11. So, as predicted that red bumpy spot thing that came up is still there, that's like 5 days its been here already! It hasn't come to a head or anything but is just hanging around to annoy me it would seem... I think it may have gotten very sliiightly smaller from yesterday... But to be honest I'm probably just wishing that. Haha. No other spots really, had a tiny random thing on my forehead this morning, which is weird since I don't usually get anything much there. But otherwise I'm ok Due o
  12. I've never used more than 1 pump and I've been on the Regimen for 4 months, 1 pump seems like loads to be absorbed to me so I can't imagine using even more than that!
  13. Thanks Cherries! Hope you're getting your cyst under control, I don't generally get acne there but I have had under the bra strap ones before, they're sooo painful when you catch them! lol. Week 16 Basically had no new spots aaaaall week... Until yesterday... Ok so I'm maybe overreacting but it was heaven waking up every morning to a smooth and painless face! But yesterday I felt a tiny bump coming up on my right cheek, it's also red where it is so I'm quite gutted right now! lol. I don't thi
  14. I'm pretty upset at the moment. It probably seems pathetic really compared to how bad my acne used to be, but I have like a red spot on my right cheek which is coming up to a bump and I'm gutted!! It doesn't have a whitehead or anything and looking at it I don't think it's likely to, but sometimes these ones are worse as they seem to take a lot longer to go away! I guess it's a good thing that one tiny spot can upset me nowadays ha. I'm just worried that it's gonna leave extra PIH to get rid
  15. So I am majorly happy at the moment cause looking back through my log the last time I had a spot was about 9 days ago, and that's ANY kind of spot, even a tiny hardly-worth-mentioning spot. It's actually great waking up and not having anything painful when I brush against my face or when I'm cleansing Don't get me wrong, I'm sure I still will get the odd one and definitely around that time of the month but this is greaaaat progress! Red marks - nothing new to note, no improvement noticed