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  1. This is the best thing you could possibly do. Candida (Yeast) thrive off of junk foods, sugar, certain grains, dairy, and many other things in a typical American diet. As soon as you address this problem and introduce nutrient rich foods that don't feed the yeast such as fresh vegetables, healthy grains like quinoa, herbal teas/supplements, and essential vitamins, the yeast begins to starve and reactions occur, in your case they are in the form of breakouts through the skin. A total diet trans
  2. Your going to have dirt and other things build up on your skin throughout the day. Your going to want to cleanse the skin first to make sure these impurities are off of your skin before you put any type of acne fighting product on it. It takes about 5 minutes to wash your face and let your skin dry. Just wait out those big 5 mins buddy.
  3. There red marks from past breakouts. They'll start to fade and eventually go away. Wear sunscreen when in the sun to not darken them.
  4. YOOOOOO. How should i incorporate this into my routine. I'm currently washing with cetaphil cleanser than using tretinoin .05 20-30 mins later. Do I use ACV after i cleanse then wait to use tretinoin cream? And do i wash it off or leave it on if I'm using the cream?