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  1. Green tea, you are my best friend!

  2. cocobean

    Tried and Tested...

    dieffenbachia: you tried yasmin? oh yeah, i was going to try it, but decided too many people on here didn't like it, so back to the drawing board of trials! glad you have been better off no you aren't taking it, hope your skin stays better
  3. 'not to be used on face' who are you the petroleum jelly police?....lol... so anyway, i use this stuff every day and every night on my face, lips, chin, forehead. it never breaks me out and a little goes a long way. I find it a great moisturiser, how many moisturisers have only 1 ingredient? this one! it helps your bp or other acne medication go on easier and will stop the stinging and drying effects. mix with your make up too ladies, it helps spread out products and soften the skin. I love
  4. cocobean

    Facial Steamer review

    will probably get this! lol, i am from london but live in america now, i hope i can get one for $10 here lol!!
  5. what happend? any luck wih the combo of vit b and palmetto?
  6. cocobean

    Tried and Tested...

    wow ! this looks like my cabinet at home, ...well i tried everything you have except for saw palmetto? i am currently on trial number one on maca pills? i found also tea tree oil was no good and gave me a blister! ahhaha! gosh, well, thanks for sharing. let me know if the saw palmetto works longer term? i was thinking of trying birth control but i don't really want to. we shall see.
  7. hi margox, same, same and same situation. i have said so many times that i dont even wanna leave the house ...its so depressing, i find spraying the bathroom mirror with shaving foam helps if i am home all day so i dont have the reminder...also living in a face mask of sugar and green tea often stops me touching my face accidentally... i am about to start maca pills on the advice of a lovely girl on this site who has emailed me. i will let you know how it goes we have to keep trying ..i wish w
  8. I hate this because I use biotin, i mean, has anyone noticed how biotin is in almost every 'hair, skin and nails' supplement out there? I have tried several of these and up to 5000mcg biotin in these pills, has never caused any problems at all for me ever... it maybe a placebo thing, some one tells you 'oh biotin causes acne...' then you freak out and say, oh thats why. I'm not sayin its not possible, some people might react to it, but just personally for me and a friend who recommended it to m
  9. i have just started to moisturise with vit e oil, found at the dollar store! its mixed with coconut oil and olive oil so its pale yellow, these 3 oils are all suposed to be great for the skin. I add 3 drops of tea tree oil in my hand along with this stuff and just apply to my face morning and night. I will update you if any awful things or miracles happen. Just wanted to moisturise with something natural, thanks for the thread!
  10. your skin looks exactly like mine, except fore head, mine is all side, cheeks, jaw and neck thanks for sharing. I use zinc for inflamation. i hope we find something that works
  11. I used maca for 3 months and saw a realistic 50% improvement, it made my sleeping a bit hard because of the energy boost so I took one pill in the morning every other day. It definately did help me, I got my pills online for $7 free shipping they are called passion maca or something in a purple bottle.
  12. how do you use the parasite treatment? do you take these in pill form? thank you.
  13. which brand of high dose vit a do u guys use and where do u get it? i must do this....had accutane 4 times in the past. Vit a sourced from fish oil? tell me more!
  14. don't beat on yourself... like he said: we've all been there, several times. One thing seriously helps me alot, i actually found this method to help me stop smoking 4 years ago Take a rubber band ( i know this sounds like a bunch of sh*t but for some reason it actually works...) put the band on ur wrist all day, everyday. Spray shaving foam on ur bathroom mirror if u have to (i did) to stop u looking and being tempted - if u know ur home all day... Every time u go into the bathroom or think
  15. just found this post...i never tried probiotic or garlic, any luck with any one recently?