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  1. Yes, we used Carmex and everything else you can think of . I posted here a few months ago and used every single recommendation right down to the guaranteed "lanollin" which is actually a creme used to heal dry cracked nipples from breastfeeding that people swore worked wonders. Nothing! they may start looking a little better but never lasts for more then a day. It's awful, but I'm so happy to hear that it seems they heal pretty quickly after being off.Good luck with your last few months!!!
  2. My son used Neutrogena T/Gel shampoo and it got rid of his dry scalp and he's been great the entire course.
  3. Thank You!! Cannot wait. His face looks awesome, a little scarring but acne free but then you look at his swollen, cracked dry peeled lips and go ..yuck! ha ha. Can't wait for him to be off of this and start looking "normal" again.
  4. Yes, I stored them like that for my son from the beginning and we have 2 weeks left of his 6 month course. It was never a problem. I seriously do not know why they store them the way they do. So annoying to peel them back. lol
  5. My son has 3 1/2 more weeks of his 6 month accutane. Although he's used everything imaginable on his lips, they have continued to be swollen, dry and cracked. I'm wondering for people who went off how long it took before their lips would start getting moisture again and looking normal?
  6. My son is on his last month (6 month course, 40mg first month 80mg the remainder). His lips were...ARE... a disaster. We have bought and tried everything, they get a little better, then worse. Cracked, bleeding.. no different then most. But.. O M G when I tell you he tried EVERYTHING. I did not put him on Accutane lightly. I made him try evey topical creme out there with no results. Just got worst and worst (he'll be 15 in a couple weeks). I really didn't think Accutane was going to work becaus
  7. My son is going to start his last month of Accutane (with incredible results ) but the doctor said once he stops she wants to keep him on Retin A Micro for preventative treatement. He was on that for about 6 months before the tane with absolutely zero results and I really hate the thought of him on something else that he has to be careful in the sun. He plays a lot of outdoor sports, loves the beach, boat and while yes, he puts lotion on, I hate that he always has to be so cautious and the res
  8. My son is beginning his 5th month of a 6 month accutane course (40mg 2x a day). His dermatologist told me that after he ends treatement she will put him on Retin-A as a preventative. He used that for 6 months before we started with Accutane and it did nothing, his face was very sensitive and he still broke out. Do most people continue using prescription strength stuff after then finished accutane? I thought he would just use acne soap. What I hated about Retin-A that like tane, you can't go out
  9. From what I learned, everyone is different and no one follows an exact regiman. My son has been on it for 13 weeks. First month he was on 40mg, had his IB and then was put on 80mg and had a horrible IB a few weeks after. At 11 weeks it just started clearing. Now he has mostly red marks and if you would have asked me a few weeks ago I would have told you it's not working at all and I was ready to take him off! He still has a few new pimples popping out but they seem to fade quickly and for the m
  10. sorry, but I think your doctor is not very accomodating if she couldn't make an exception to see you. I realize you missed your appt but if you go for your blood work and all is fine then it takes her all of 1 minute to ask how you are feeling and then write another script. I know the tane stays in your body for a little while though so I'm sure you will be fine but I'd be more angry that the office couldn't squeeze you in, since they know how important this is for patients. Shame on her but goo
  11. The Medical Grade Lanolin, I see they make it in a lip balm http://www.amazon.com/100-Pure-Anhydrous-L...ef=pd_sbs_hpc_4 Is this the right stuff?
  12. don't give up! Everyone is different. My son is on it 12 weeks now, I felt the same way. Scared to have him on it, he was dealing with dry lips, and aches and nosebleeds and still kept breaking out. I thought "what is the point, it's not working" Then at 10 1/2 weeks it was like a total change. Now he's had a few minor pimples in the last week otherwise he's clear. He still looks like he has a lot because he has the red marks but it's flush to his skin. Dr told him that takes months to clear..so
  13. Thanks for all the replies. He constantly carries and applies lip stuff I was just wondering which ones everyone uses. I will try the ones suggested that he hasn't used, so tyvm. @cowgirl, he is just about at 3 months and his face is clearing big time these last couple weeks but his lips are terrible. always something soon this will (hopefully) be behind him. Thanks again
  14. I know EVERYONE gets the dry lips and my son is no exception but I'm trying to find out what worked best for everyone. He puts a lot of regular vaseline on at night and during the day carries aquaphor lip therapy and neutregena and burts bees lip balms. Even with all of this his lips crack, bleed, look swollen and shinyALL THE TIME. Has anyone found something better to deal with this?