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  1. I have been on 50mg/day since October. I didn't start to see clearing until about 4 months in, but it has really been in just the past few weeks that my face has become almost completely clear. From what I've read, this is a normal timeframe to see results (6 months), and it seems to me that with spiro, it matters less how many mgs you are on, and more the length of time that you've taken it. If I were you I'd wait it out for a few more months - I bet you will start to see more and more improvem
  2. Hi- I am so sorry and know exactly how you feel. You're not alone in this and I'm glad you've found the site! I've been struggling with the same kind of hormonal acne for 17 years. I did a round of accutane about 7 years ago and it cleared me up for a year but then came right back. I've literally tried everything. About 6 months ago my new derm put me on 50mg/day of spironolactone, and it has *FINALLY* given me mostly clear skin. I definitely didn't start to see results until about month 4,
  3. Hi-- I have a quick question for anyone that may have some guidance. I've been on Accutane for about a week and a half. I was started out at 40mg/day, but my second day I had really bad side effects, really tired/sore joints and muscles, not thinking straight, completely exhausted. I called my derm and she told me to go to 1 40mg pill every other day, which I've been doing since. The side effects died down pretty well-- I still have sore joints but it is much more tolerable and really only in
  4. Dosage all depends on how your body handles it. I'm about 138lbs and got terrible side effects when I took 40mg a day so dropped down to 40mg every other day. But at the same time, there are girls that are much smaller and younger than me that can handle 80mg a day no problem. Just make sure she watches out for side effects....if she starts to have them, call your derm and ask for a lower dose or every other day.
  5. I was put on Beyaz because my other BC wasn't working (two periods a month---GROSS), and also because I wanted acne control. I've been on it since February and I think I have noticed it making my face less oily, it has definitely not gotten rid of the acne (just started accutane last week). I have noticed that I still break out before my period too, so you're not alone. I know that a lot of people get clear skin from BC, but I've been on three different kinds and honestly have never noticed
  6. Tworley08 that's so good to hear! I'm trying to get some antibiotics from my derm....she had mentioned Bactrim, but I'm guessing that's about the same as Prednisone? Are you worried at all that the pain in your muscles and joints will be permanent? I can't imagine what would be making them hurt like this except for some pretty serious damage. I'm pretty active so I think that's what I'm most worried about! I can totally handle it for six months though, so fingers crossed! I just bought Ave
  7. Hey esa, Getting a cystic acne breakout on Accutane is totally normal, especially in the second month when a lot of people begin to experience the initial breakout. I am in my second week and already getting some cysts! Definitely don't quit now....it may suck for a month or two, but in the end it will be totally worth it. Good luck!
  8. Ugh, this is definitely the initial breakout. I'm getting cyst-like pimples almost every day on my cheeks. I'm cheating a bit and putting some clean and clear advantage on the really active ones, but trying to leave the regular whiteheads alone to run their course. Some side effects seem to be getting better while some get worse. The exhaustion and the muscle soreness/joint pain are getting more tolerable....I just basically have come to terms with the fact that my lower back and hips will ha
  9. Thanks everyone! It's so great to have this and to know so many other people going through the same thing. Taylor-- glad we're starting together! I'm super impressed you're starting right at 80mg...my body can hardly handle 40mg every other day. But that's what I'm doing and the side effects have become tolerable. I'm not super tired anymore, and although my legs and hips and back are sore, I can still do most normal things without a problem. The biggest issue I'm having is working out. I lov
  10. Hello everyone! I'm really excited to start this log...there has been so much emotion surrounding starting accutane that I'm happy to have a release, and maybe to help some people along the way like so many of the other logs have helped me! Here's my acne history: (a little long, but in case you're curious) I'm a 24 year old female, and have been struggling with acne for the past 12 years. It was relatively moderate in high school, and I did my first round of antibiotics that cleared it up
  11. I've been on for 7 weeks and I'm in the same place you are. My acne has gone from 3-4 pimples to absolutely horrendous. My entire face is covered in acne now, as well as dry/flaky skin. It hurts to eat, makeup doesn't even cover it up anymore, and I am embarassed to leave my house. I decided to stop the regimen yesterday and do nothing but moisturize for the next two days to let my face get back some of its normal balance. I'm going to the derm on Monday to get some real medical attention. I kn
  12. I'm in the same emotional place you are right now. I broke down last night and cried for hours because I am so embarrassed and ashamed of my face. I don't want to go out in public, I came home early from work today because the mental effects of this acne are making me physically sick. In a matter of 2 months I've gone from relatively clear skin with 3-4 blemishes to complete breakout, purple skin everywhere, huge cystic acne on my cheeks, around my mouth and on my forehead, new whiteheads every
  13. I would say potentially even longer than 4 weeks. Many of the posts I've read take 3-4 months to really stop breaking out. Don't get discouraged, even after 4 weeks!
  14. So, I know there's no such thing as a "quick acne cure", but I'm a little desperate. I've been on the regimen for 6 weeks now, following it almost exactly, and my breakouts have steadily been increasing. Before I had moderate acne with mainly just whiteheads, now most of my face is covered in cystic acne bumps that are super red and look horrible without makeup. I've gotten really frustrated but have decided to stick to the regimen for at least 4 months before making any final decision about how
  15. Try rubbing 10-12 drops of straight jojoba oil on your face for about a minute then leaving it on for about 5 minutes before you start the regimen, morning and night. This will help exfoliate the flakes and moisturize the skin. I also pat about 4-6 drops onto my skin before the BP, which seems to help a lot, and allows me to use a little less moisturizer if the moisturizer is making me greasy. As someone with oily skin, I've noticed that after a while using more moisturizer and jojoba actually m